Best Calcium Supplements in India

Best Calcium Supplements in India

Do you ever feel a piercing pain in your legs or your joints while doing a physical activity or while bending? There is a great possibility that you are deficient in calcium. Calcium is an essential mineral in our body which constitutes 1% of our body weight.

When we were kids, our parents laid strong emphasis on consuming calcium for bone development. However, as we grow old, we tend to care much less about our calcium intake. But what most people don’t know is that as we grow older, our bone density lessens and thus we too as adults need a constant source of iron. Therefore, today we are here with the best calcium supplements in India that should be bought by taking into consideration, the following features:

  • Number of tablets: Available amount of tablets present in a supplement is an important factor when buying any health supplement. This feature will tell you for how long the supplement is going to last. Accordingly, you can decide how many of them you have to buy.
  • Dosage: It is a crucial factor that should be looked for while buying any health supplement. This factor usually depends upon the strength of the supplement, i.e. what quantity of the mineral it can provide in a single tablet. Some of these supplements need to be taken only once a day, while others suggest multiple times a day.
  • Certifications: If you want to make sure that the supplement you are buying is free of any adulteration, then you need to look for certifications. Inspection agencies like FSSAI, GMP. FDA, etc. make sure that supplements and food items are free from banned ingredients and safe for consumption.

In this article, we have tried our best to help you figure out the best calcium supplement for you that is both effective and provides maximum benefits. To make your purchase even easier, we have mentioned a detailed BUYING GUIDE and a FAQ section as well. So to buy the perfect calcium supplement for you make sure to follow this article until the end.

Best Calcium SupplementQuantityCertificationBuy Now
Nature Made300 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Kirkland Signature500 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Himalayan Organics120 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Fast&Up Fortify30 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Naturyz60 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
HealthKart60 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Nutrilite90 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Simply Nutra120 TabletsFSSAI Check The Price
Pro-Nutrition 120 TabletsISO, GMP, FSSAI Check The Price
Simply Herbal120 TabletsFSSAI, GMP, FDA Check The Price

Best Calcium Supplements in India

01) Nature Made Calcium Magnesium Zinc Tablets with Vitamin D, 300 Count

Nature Made Calcium Supplements

Nature made is a well known and trusted brand in the health supplement industry. They offer great products and have an old legacy in the supplement industry. This brand is readily available in many countries and also approved by FSSAI.

In this supplement, you would not only find calcium but along with it, there are many other nutrients. It contains 333mg of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate, 200IU of vitamin D as cholecalciferol, 133mg magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide, and lastly 5mg zinc as zinc sulphate.

All of these nutrients simultaneously work toward providing the user with good healthy bones and teeth. Yet all of these play other significant functions as well like zinc is responsible for more than a hundred enzymatic reactions in our body. Not only that but zinc is also needed for a healthy cell division and also acts like an antioxidant.

Consumption of this supplement is highly beneficial for those who have low calcium levels or low bone density. Taking this supplement has many benefits, one of which is the reduced risk of osteoporosis by providing adequate quantities of calcium. The magnesium present in this supplement helps support nerve function and regulates metabolism.

To get maximum results from the consumption of this supplement, you should consume it thrice a day with water after a meal. This calcium supplement is free from synthetic dyes and color and is derived from natural sources. This particular package contains 300 tablets that can last for a long time.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet 3 times a day
  • 300 tablets in total
  • Certified by FSSAI
  • Made in USA
  • Non-vegetarian product


  • Helps supports string ones
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • Supports nerve function


  • Quite expensive as compared to others

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02) Kirkland Signature Calcium, 500-Count Tablets

Kirkland Signature Calcium Supplements

Kirkland was introduced by Costo in 1995 after recognizing the need for good quality supplements at an affordable price. Costo is a reliable company and has a reach all over the USA and even in many other parts of the world. This product is safe for consumption as FSSAI certifies it.

Unlike others, this particular supplement is majorly a calcium only supplement. But it also contains a good amount of vitamin D3 for the proper absorption of calcium by the bones. It contains a good 600mg of calcium, then is adequate for daily requirements

Calcium is an essential nutrient for our body and has a major share of nutrition needed by the body. The natural sources of calcium include milk, curd, green leafy vegetables, and some other sources as well. However, you may not be able to fulfil your needs through diet, and hence this supplement is very important.

This product is imported from the USA and is made up of premium quality ingredients. Regular consumption of this supplement can make your bones and teeth stronger. It may also reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses like diabetes, joint pains, osteoporosis, and various others.

You will find a large number of tablets in this product, and so it can last for a very long time without having to buy it repeatedly. It is a non-vegetarian product, and you should be consuming only one tablet in a day.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: one tablet daily
  • Contains 500 tablets
  • Non-vegetarian tablets
  • Approved by FSSAI


  • Balances cholesterol levels
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Reduces high blood pressure


  • More information could be provided
  • Falls on the expensive side

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03) Himalayan Organics Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3 & B12-120 Vegetarian Tablets

Himalayan Organics Calcium Supplements

If you are interested in buying organic products, then Himalayan Organics is a great option for you. They make 100% organic supplements that are made from organically grown natural ingredients. These ingredients are free from any synthetic chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides. Many people these days are shifting towards organic supplements and food items.

You can find several nutrients in this supplement, along with a decent quantity of calcium. It consists of 1000mg calcium as calcium citrate maleate, 100mg of magnesium in the form of magnesium hydroxide, 4mg of zinc sulphate monohydrate, 750mcg of vitamin B12, and 400IU of vitamin D3, in the form of cholecalciferol.

This product is enriched with vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 which are the two most commonly deficient nutrients in a huge population around the world. Himalayan organics calcium supplement has almost double the quantity of vitamins and minerals as compared to other brands. This property helps in the better absorption of nutrients by the body.

Not only this supplement is beneficial for men but also helpful in recovering low bone density amongst women. These tablets are clinically tested and serve many benefits like decreased inflammation, helps in muscle contraction, creates energy, etc.. Moreover, regular consumption of this supplement can help in lowering this risk of developing osteoporosis.

Since it is an organic supplement, it is made with the goodness of herb extracts like moringa, alfalfa, and acticissus, which helps in mineralization of the bones. As suggested by the company, you need to consume this supplement only once a day after having a meal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet a day
  • Contains 120 tablets
  • Vegetarian product
  • Organic supplement
  • Approved by FSSAI


  • Helps in blood clotting
  • Gives you more energy
  • Regulates immune function
  • Decreases inflammation


  • Only to be consumed by adults

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04) Fast&Up Fortify Calcium supplement – 500mg Elemental Calcium 30 effervescent tablets – Lime and Lemon flavour

Fast & Up Calcium Supplements

Fast&Up is an Indian sports and active nutrition brand that makes their product using innovative technology. Their scientifically crafted Swiss formula is beneficial in boosting physical performance as well as helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. They have provided a variety of flavors and a greater number of serving in their supplements.

It is a powerful supplement that contains a good amount of calcium which is equivalent to 500mg of calcium carbonate. It also contains some other useful nutrients which consist of 100mg magnesium in the form of magnesium carbonate, 40mg vitamin C, 3mg vitamin B12, 200IU vitamin D3, 0.055mg vitamin K1, and 22mg beta carotene.

These dissolvable tablets make up to provide complete bone health. It contains high elemental calcium which helps to maintain bone health in both males and females. The effervescent tablets promote easy absorption of nutrients without causing any digestive or gastric discomfort. Since it contains a good amount of vitamin C, this supplement builds up immunity and protects against cold and various kinds of flu.

After crossing the age of 30 years, women tend to lose their bone density, and their bones become weak and fragile. Thus, they need to supplement their diet with a good calcium supplement to cover for their bodily requirements. This supplement maintains bone mineral density and prevents bone loss.

To use these tablets in a proper way, you need to drop one tablet in 250ml of water and wait for it to dissolve completely. After it is dissolved, make sure to stir it well and consume the drink immediately. For better absorption, you should consume one tablet after having a meal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet in water
  • 30 tablets available
  • Vegetarian product
  • Approved by FSSAI
  • Dissolvable tablets


  • Available in delicious flavors
  • Restores bone loss
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Provides complete bone care


  • Not everyone will take dissolvable tablets

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05) Naturyz Calcium Plus with 1000mg Calcium Citrate, 800IU Vitamin D, Magnesium and  Zinc- 120 Tablets

Naturyz Calcium Plus Supplements

If you are on a budget and looking for a supplement that will provide good quality ingredients, then Naturzy is one of the best options for you. This brand has a rich experience of more than a decade in the field of healthcare and nutrition. They claim to be one of India’s leading and fastest-growing diet and nutrition brands as they emphasize on research, quality, and uniqueness.

As mentioned this supplement majorly contains calcium which sums up to 500mg of calcium citrate. It also contains other nutrients which include 300mg of magnesium citrate, 7.5mg of zinc in the form of zinc sulphate, and 400IU vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol. All of these are essential nutrients for the body and need to be taken in good dosage.

90% of the calcium is stored in bones and teeth; consuming this supplement promotes dental health. Recent research shows that vitamin D and calcium work simultaneously to keep your bones healthy. Calcium has some other functions as well; for example, it aids muscle function, regulates blood pressure and even helps in controlling cholesterol levels.

It is a great supplement for people who have a problem with kidney stones as a higher calcium intake has been proven to decrease the risk of kidney stones. If you are struggling with weight issues, then also consuming this supplement will be helpful. This happens because calcium plays a role in making fat cells. Thus it keeps the weight and fat in appropriate limits.

As suggested by the company, you should consume this supplement for around one to two times a day. This dose should be taken with ample amounts of water along with a meal for better absorption of the nutrients. Taking more than the recommended dosage can be harmful to you.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 to 2 tablets
  • Contains a total of 60 tablets
  • Vegetarian product
  • Certified safe by FSSAI
  • Not intended to be used by pregnant females


  • Supports bone health
  • Magnesium and vitamin D3 helps in absorption of calcium
  • Good for teeth health


  • Not safe for pregnant females

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06) HealthKart Calcium with Vitamin D3-60 capsules (Calcium, 60 Tablets)

HealthKart Calcium Supplements

HealthKart is yet another rising brand in the Indian market of healthcare and supplements. This is an affordable brand which sells premium quality supplements. They have a wide variety of supplements that are sufficient enough to fulfil all your needs. Not just that, they also have received certification from FSSAI claiming that its products are safe.

This supplement contains a heavy dosage of calcium and contains some other essential nutrients as well. It has 1000mg of calcium in the form of elemental calcium, 100mg magnesium, 4mg zinc, 5mcg vitamin D3, and 50mg cissus quadrangularis. Some other ingredients are gelatin, soya oil, sorbitol, hydrogenated vegetable oil, etc..

Magnesium present in this supplement is helpful in other various functions of the body other than supporting bone health. Some of these functions include a major role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is also responsible for regulating other essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, and sodium.

Many of you may not know, but vitamin D3 helps in the proper absorption of calcium, and both of them cannot work properly without each other. Thus, the presence of both of these nutrients in this supplement makes your bones and teeth stronger. Taking this supplement regularly can also increase your stamina and physical performance.

You can also improve your joint flexibility and mobility by consuming this amazing supplement. It is a dietary supplement and not intended to be used for medicinal purposes or to treat any illness. Suggested daily usage as prescribed by the company is 1-2 tablets in a day.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1-2 capsules per day
  • Contains a total of 60 tablets
  • It is a non-vegetarian product
  • Certified by FSSAI


  • Contains good amount of magnesium
  • Supports bone and teeth health
  • Heavy strength formula
  • Highly affordable


  • Only for adults

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07) Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus

Nutrilite Cal Supplements

Nutrilite is a famous brand of Amway, which is a multi-level marketing company that sells healthcare products. Nutrilite is an old brand that began selling food supplements in 1950. Since then it has a major share in the health supplements industry across more than a hundred countries. Their products are made up of high-quality ingredients and well trusted.

This supplement has quite effective results and contains 200mg of calcium carbonate and calcium from an algal source. Other nutrients include 66.7mg of magnesium as magnesium oxide, 5mg zinc in the form of zinc sulphate, and 1.17mh of manganese as manganese citrate.

Since this supplement contains manganese, it plays a significant role in numerous chemical processes, including synthesis of nutrients like cholesterol, carbs and proteins. It is also involved in bone formation and thus helpful in maintaining bone health.

This is a great supplement for elderly people because most elderly people have low levels of calcium. Calcium also helps in lowering blood pressure and thus maintains heart health by keeping the blood pressure stable. Not just that calcium also plays a vital role in maintaining heartbeat rhythms and keeping cholesterol levels stable.

In this particular package, there are a total of 90 tablets available. These should be taken one to two times a day with water after having a proper meal. In any case, you should not take more than 2 tablets in a day as it may interrupt with your digestive system.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 to 2 tablets
  • Contains a total of 90 tablets
  • Vegetarian product
  • Highly reputed brand
  • Approved by FSSAI


  • Quite reliable brand
  • Effective results
  • Good for overall health


  • More information could be provided

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08) Simply Nutra Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, D3 & B12 Tablets – 120

Simply Nutra Calcium Supplements

This brand believes in the saying, which says your body is a temple and thus needs to be provided with high-quality nutrition. Just as the name suggests, Simply Nutra has made it very simple to consume nutrition and fulfil your daily needs of vitamins and minerals. Their products are specially designed to help you increase your strength and embrace your health.

It is a great calcium supplement which is enriched with the goodness of some other nutrients as well. This contains 100mg of calcium as calcium citrate maleate, 100mg of magnesium as magnesium hydroxide, 4mg of zinc in the form of zinc sulphate, 750mcg of vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin, and lastly 400IU of vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol.

In this supplement, there is a good quantity of vitamin D3, which is the most commonly deficient nutrient in most adults. Consuming this supplement can be highly beneficial in reducing fatigue and tiredness. It supplies you with good amounts of energy which is sufficient enough to keep you energetic throughout the day.

The calcium present in this supplement is in the form of calcium citrate, which is an easily absorbable form of calcium. It is a water-soluble form of calcium and has better absorption as compared to other types of calcium. This form of calcium does not cause any bloating or calcium deposits in the long term.

This container consists of 120 tablets which is a pretty good amount as compared to its given price. Since it is a string supplement, it needs to be consumed only once in a day with water, preferably after a meal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet daily
  • Contains a total of 120 tablets
  • Vegetarian product
  • Approved by FSSAI


  • Balances cholesterol levels
  • Supports teeth health
  • Reduces high blood pressure


  • Not safe for lactating females

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09) Pro Nutrition Bone Strength Supplement with Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D3, K2, Magnesium, Zinc – 120 Tablets

Pro Nutrition Calcium Supplements

How does it feel one we buy one item and get many more items for free? Pretty great right.

This is exactly what ProNutrition supplements offer as they provide many more vitamins and minerals along with superior quality main ingredients. These nutrients work simultaneously to provide you with maximum health benefits.

Unlike many others, this is a very strong supplement that contains good quantities of calcium and other nutrients. It contains 2000mg of calcium in the form of calcium citrate malate, 4000IU of vitamin D3, 150mcg of vitamin K2, 200mg of magnesium, and 16mg of zinc.

There is a good amount of vitamin D3 available in this supplement that helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It plays an important role in the development and growth of bones and teeth. Vitamin D also protects against certain types of cancers and reduces the risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

Consumption of this supplement increases bone strength and endurance, which helps to keep them healthy throughout life. Vitamin K2 present in this supplement is needed to activate a bone protein which is known as osteocalcin. This protein is essential for binding calcium effectively to the bone matrix, which keeps the bones dense and powerful.

You will find a total of 120 tablets in this supplement which are full of essential nutrients. Due to the heavy strength formula of these tablets, they should be consumed twice a day to give you optimal bone health.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 2 tablets in a day
  • 120 tablets available
  • Certified by ISO, GMP, and FSSAI
  • Vegetarian tablets


  • High strength supplement
  • High certified
  • Provides maximum bone strength


  • Not safe for children

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10) Simply Herbal Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, D3 & B12 Tablets – 120 Tablets

Simply Herbal Calcium Supplements

We have made available all kinds of supplements out of which you can decide the most suitable one for you. This herbal calcium supplement is also a great option as herbs are quite useful in providing high-quality nutrition. Simply herbal has a vast variety of products that are effective as well as efficient in giving you optimum nutrition.

You can find not only good amounts of calcium but good quantities of their nutrients as well in this supplement. This herbal product contains 1000mg of calcium in the form of calcium citrate and malate, 100mg of magnesium in the form of magnesium hydroxide, 4mg of zinc in the form of zinc sulphate monohydrate, 750mcg of vitamin B12, 400IU of vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol.

One can rapidly reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis by consuming this calcium supplement. The extra vitamin D3 present in this supplement is available in almost double the quantities as compared to supplements. This property leads to good absorption of calcium by your bones.

The calcium present in this supplement is in the form of calcium malate, which is a water-soluble form of calcium. Due to this, the calcium is in a more bioavailable form as compared to other forms of calcium like calcium carbonate. This supplement will strengthen your bones and build up immunity against free radicals.

The combination of calcium, magnesium, and zinc is a very powerful combination that promotes healthy teeth and bones. You can take this supplement one tablet a day with a good amount of water after consuming proper food.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: one tablet per day
  • Contains a total of 120 tablets
  • 100% natural product
  • Vegetarian supplement
  • Certified by GMP, FDA, and FSSAI


  • Highly certified
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes healthy bone development


  • Not for pregnant females or children

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Buying Guide

In the article, we made you learn the true importance of a constant calcium supply for our body. It is responsible for many cognitive functions of our body; not only it keeps our bones healthy but also keeps our heart healthy. Calcium is an important nutrient to make that regulates heart rhythms and also controls blood pressure.

However, some of you might still be knee in knowing more about calcium supplements to decide which one to buy. Therefore, we have presented to you a detailed buying guide that includes all the important factors to be considered when buying a calcium supplement. Make sure you go through all the points one by one until the end.

Number of Tables

The quantity available in any supplement at a given price is a crucial factor whenever you are buying any health supplement. The number of calcium tablets in a certain package will help you determine how many days the supplement will last.

If you have multiple members in your family, then you would prefer to buy a supplement that has a large number of tablets so that it can last for a long time. Also, if you want to avoid the inconvenience of buying a supplement again and again then also you should buy the supplement in greater quantities. Some of these supplements contain 120 tablets, while others contain up to 500 tablets. You can decide according to your needs.


It is yet another important factor that needs to be considered while buying a calcium supplement. First of all, for the supplement to work properly, you should know when and how many times you need to consume that product. If you consume more than the recommended dosage, it may prove harmful. In case you consume less of what is required, then it may not work effectively.

Also, if you are consuming some other supplement along with calcium, then you would not prefer to take it in heavy doses. Some of these have a daily dosage of only one tablet daily, while others may ask you to take 2-3 tablets per day.

Additional nutrients

If you are looking for an option that provides you with more than one nutrient, then you can find various options that offer many additional nutrients. Many of the brands mentioned above contain additional nutrients like magnesium, zinc, manganese, vitamin D3, etc. some of you might be thinking of buying a supplement that contains more than just calcium.

For those you finding multiple nutrients in a single supplement might be a good deal. All these additional nutrients have immense health benefits and work simultaneously to increase calcium absorption.


We buy health supplements to improve the quality of our lives and to live a healthier life. However, this basic expectation from health supplements can turn in vain if you buy a health supplement from an uncertified company. Many fake companies in the market sell supplements with the sheer motive of earning profits.

And for that, they contaminate the supplement with cheap or banned substances. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from such fraud, you should always look for its certification. These supplements include FSSAI, GMP, ISO, FDA, and various others.


Who needs to take calcium supplements?

If you are an adult and you are not consuming a diet rich in calcium or if you are lactose intolerant, then you should prefer consuming calcium supplements. Also, if you are over the age of 30 years, there is a good possibility that you have low bone density and need calcium supplements.

When should I take a calcium supplement?

Timing matters in case of calcium supplements as it depends on factors like the type of calcium and the total daily dosage. Calcium citrate can be taken with or without food, while calcium carbonate should be taken with a meal. It is best consumed in small doses over the day.

How much calcium do you need in a day?

For adults who fall in the age group of 19 to 64 years need to take 700mg of calcium every day. However, you can take up to 1000mg of calcium in a day without having any troubles. Taking less calcium can cause weak and brittle bones.

Are there any side effects of consuming calcium supplements?

Taking excess calcium may induce certain side effects such as increasing the incidence of constipation, severe diarrhea, pain in the abdomen area. This happens because calcium carbonate sometimes interferes with gastrointestinal glands.


As mentioned above, calcium is the most abundantly found mineral in our body and constitutes 1% of your weight in a healthy individual. Calcium deficiency can be very harmful and may lead to many illnesses. These illnesses include brittle and weak bones, fatigues, osteoporosis, delayed child development and much more.

Therefore, in the above article, we have mentioned the Best Calcium Supplement that you can easily buy online. You can also find them in your nearest drug store. Calcium is important not only for kids but also adults, especially women.

Out of the various options in this article, Kirkland Signature offers a pretty high number of tablets where you get a total of 500 capsules in each pack that can last for a long time.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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