Best Flaxseed Oil Capsules in India Reviews and Buying Guide


Flaxseed oil originates from ripened flaxseeds that producers cold press for extraction. This is also known as linseed oil. It is extremely healthy and advised to be added to vegetarian diets to balance the absent nutrients.  Flaxseed can help boost heart health, make your skin and hair better, aids in controlling inflammation in the body, and reduce weight.

It consists of a type of omega 3 fatty acid known as Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is used by the body and converted into smaller amounts of other fatty acids, including DHA or decahexanoic acid and EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid.

When buying flaxseed oil capsules, you should always consider the following:

Organic flaxseed oil capsules: when you wish to consume flaxseed oil to benefit your body, you should always opt for a product derived from a pesticide and other dangerous chemical-free plants. Always look for organic certification while buying flaxseed oil capsules to avoid putting hazardous substances in your body. 

Cold-pressed flaxseed oil: fatty acids and antioxidants are adversely affected when exposed to heat or solvents. This is why selecting a flaxseed oil capsule that consists of cold-pressed oil is always a safe decision. Cold-pressed flaxseed oils have their nutritional value intact as well.

High omega 3 fatty acid content: one tablespoon of flaxseed contains 57 % omega 3 fatty acids. When you buy flaxseed oil capsules, make sure it contains a similar amount of omega 3 fatty acid per capsule by weight.

For further information on the factors to be considered, refer to the BUYING GUIDE and FAQ

5 Best Flaxseed Oil Capsules in India 2020

Product NameQtyUnit WeightBuy Now
Carbamide Forte120 capsules180 grams Check The Price
Organic India60 capsules120 grams Check The Price
Alenflax60 capsules30 grams Check The Price
HealthVit60 capsules80 grams Check The Price
INLIFE60 capsules60 grams Check The Price

Best Flaxseed Oil Capsules in India Reviews

01.) Carbamide Forte Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil 1000mg Omega 3 6 9 –120 CapsulesCarbamide Forte Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil

Carbamide Forte Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil capsules deliver 825 mg Omega fatty acids, namely, omega 3, 6, and 9 per unit. This is supposedly the highest concentration present in any supplement for flaxseed oil. This is a much better resource for omega-3 fatty acid capsules when compared to supplements with fish oil. It is much cleaner and more sustainable in comparison to other supplements.

This pure flaxseed oil is extracted carefully without the use of added heat or hexane from non-GMO, organic flaxseeds. This method helps in retaining the delicate composition of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have been proved to benefit hair, skin, and nails. It is scientifically proven to increase brain health, digestive health, heart health, and for overall immune support to both men and women.

Each serving of the product consists of 825 mg of Omega-3,6 and 9 with an added 500 mg of ALA fatty acids, which the body converts into DHA  and EPA. These compounds are the same omega 3s that are found in fish oil. This is why it is a green and clean alternative to fish oil supplements.

According to several user reviews, this product has helped people with severe joint pains, acne problems, and other skin problems. The company claims that the products designed by them are made to support the body’s natural health and wisdom by promoting authentic well-being from within.

Product specifications:

Number of capsules: 120

Total weight: 180 grams


  • Clean and green alternative to fish oil
  • Great for joint pain
  • Can reduce skin problems and hair fall


  • Might not be ideal for people who have high cholesterol and LDL

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02.) Organic India Flaxseed Oil 60 Capsules

Organic India Flaxseed Oil CapsulesThis product consists of transparent capsules that are rich sources of mineral antioxidants like manganese. It contains polyphenols in flaxseed that provide antioxidant benefits, high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, a substantial amount of vitamin Bs like vitamin B1 and B6, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, copper, potassium, and zinc.

The medical advantages of flax seeds essentially originate from the high omega 3 unsaturated fats and extraordinary fiber-related polyphenols known as lignans. It provides a good amount of antioxidants and plant phytoestrogens that relieve digestive and cardiovascular problems and lessen the danger of oxidative stress.

As a dietary key, flaxseed keeps the heart sound without utilizing synthetic-based enhancements and medicines. This property is credited particularly to the rich Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids of ALA’s. Additionally, flaxseed oil keeps the joints solid, forestalls, and heals joint pain, and makes bowel movements easier.

Ground flaxseeds are an incredible gluten-free addition to any recipe for that extra boost of nutrition. The product is vegan and vegetarian, thus can be consumed by both. They are cruelty free which means you can use the product without any guilt.

Product specifics:

Number of capsules: 60

Total weight: 120 g


  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Contains plant phytoestrogen


  • On the expensive side

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03.) Alenflax Cold-pressed Flaxseed oil 1000 mg-60 Softgel Capsules

Alenflax Cold pressed Flaxseed oil CapsulesTo get optimal nutrition and remain a healthy individual, taking an Alenflax Cold-pressed Flaxseed oil capsule is considered a wise choice. It is gluten-free and contains no GMO, manufactured in a facility that is WHO-GMP certified.

Each flaxseed oil capsule consists of omega 3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory attributes known to reduce pain in the joints and muscles. It is great for women who suffer from problems in joint movement, function, and bone health. Flax oil provides essential ingredients to promote the health of your brain.

The product controls inflammation, nourishes hair follicles, and promotes healthy hair growth. It also maintains the hydration level in the skin and maintains the production of oil. The essential fatty acids present in the product are known to keep the skin moisturized. It improves hair quality, which makes it appear shiny and reduced breakage. The product is also known to provide nourishment to your eyes.

Alenflax Cold-pressed Flaxseed oil capsules are made in WHO GMP certified laboratories, and each unit consists of 60 capsules. Each capsule consists of 1000mg of cold-pressed capsule, which are plant-based.

Product specifications:

Number of capsules: 60

Total weight: 30 g

Main ingredients: Plant-based Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg


  • Reduces joint pains
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Makes skin better and reduces dryness


  • The product is not ideal for vegetarians

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04.) HealthVit Flaxseed Oil Softgels 1000 mg -60 Softgels

HealthVit Flaxseed Oil SoftgelsFlaxseed is famous for increasing the metabolism of fat and is highly effective in weight management. It provides a good mood and gives relief from stress, which makes you feel satisfied for a longer duration of time. It contains EPA and DHA, which maintain heart health and regulates blood pressure. It maintains the amount of fat in the body and keeps blood pressure in the normal range.

These flaxseed oil capsules contain omega 3, 6, and 9, which promote and maintain the health of your cardiovascular system. It regulates immune response, proper functioning of the brain, care of the joints, brain, and eyes along with the skin. It is an excellent source of several other minerals like iron, potassium, calcium that help maintain your wellness and health.

This is a natural source for ALA and omega 3. These products provide extra energy to individuals by helping the heart work much more efficiently. It helps in maintaining blood pressure, works wonders as a laxative, maintains bone health, and regulates the health of your cardiovascular system.

When consumed in the capsule form, it is easier to intake and is much safer. The oil is extracted by a method known as cold pressing extraction technique that yields more oil and preserves many of the essential ingredients present in the oil initially.

Product specifications:

  • Number of capsules: 60
  • Total weight: 80 g


  • Effective in weight management
  • Natural source of ALA and Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Gives more energy


  • Not suitable for vegetarians since the gel coat is made from non-vegetarian products

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05.) INLIFE Flaxseed Oil Veg, 500 mg – 60 Capsules

INLIFE Flaxseed Oil Veg Omega 3 6 9 Supplement, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed 500 mg Capsules

INLIFe Flaxseed oil is extra virgin cold-pressed flaxseed oil, full of omega 3, 6, and 9 that provides you with essential fatty acids the body needs. It consists of copious amounts of ALA and other phytonutrients and fatty acids.

This product is special because, unlike other products on the list, it is encapsulated in liquid-filled shells made of vegetarian components, which have several advantages over softgels.

It does not contain gelatin, which makes it stable in hotter weather, which subsequently prevents the capsules from sticking and become gooey, just like other softgel capsules. This prevents faster disintegration because the capsule walls are much thinner than available gelatin capsules, lesser migration of product into the shell, and much lesser diffusion of the smells.

INLIFE Flaxseed oil capsules are produced in factories maintaining high standards of quality. It consists of an active form of omega 3 fatty acids known as alpha-linolenic acid or ALA. You can take 3 capsules after meals each day or as directed by your physician.

Product specifications:

  • Number of capsules: 60
  • Total weight: 60 g
  • Main ingredients: Omega 3, 6, 9


  • Manages weight
  • God for skin and heart


  • Contains titanium dioxide, which is  carcinogenic

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Best Flaxseed Oil Capsules in India : Buying Guide

When you want to live a good and healthy life but don’t have the energy or time to gather separate condiments for a holistic approach towards health, flaxseed oil capsules come to your rescue. It is a one-stop-shop for the solution to all your health problems. But when you buy such a product, try to find one with the following:

Cold-pressed Flaxseed oil

When oil is extracted from flaxseed by crushing the seeds, it is known as cold pressing. This process does not require external heat or solvents while making the oil. All seed and plant oils consist of various antioxidants, fatty acids, chlorophyll, and sterols. Researchers have studied the different oils components and their reaction to heat, finally stating that exposure to too much heat can lower the nutritional value of the oil by damaging the fatty acids contained in them.

Thus, cold-pressed oils have the maximum nutritional value stored in the seeds. But beware, cold-pressed oils are not refined oils, so these will not have a shelf life similar to regular oils. They will go bad if not stored in dark containers in a cold and dry place.

Made from non-GMO and organically sourced

Organic food is considered better for us because it is grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.  GMO, on the other hand, means genetically modified organisms, which, according to experts, are unhealthy for your body and can lead to organ damage, disorders in the immune system, and fast-track aging.

Selecting organic and GMO-free flaxseed oil will help you avoid any of the above-stated problems, which might be harmful in the long run.

Look for a product containing high omega-3-fatty acid levels

Omega 3 fatty acids and ALA or alpha-linolenic acid are the main attraction for people to take flaxseed oil. Fish oil also contains omega 3 fatty acids with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) but is an animal-based product. This is why people might opt for flaxseed oil over fish oil.

While selecting a flaxseed oil for yourself, try to find one that will give you more ALA with each dosage.

One tablespoon of flaxseed oil consists of 8 grams of ALA, according to research. Keeping this in mind, try to find flaxseed oil capsules that contain 6-8 grams of omega 3 fatty acid by total weight.

Buy flaxseed oil capsules in a low oxygen environment and dark bottles 

Omega 3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil capsules are sensitive to heat and thus should not be exposed to any warm environment at all. This is why you should look for products that have been manufactured in low oxygen environments. Also, buy packages that are dark glass bottles or have an opaque exterior.

Flaxseed oil softgels Vs. capsules

Flaxseed oil capsules get precedence over softgel capsules because they cannot be tampered with, and the components are not likely to go rancid because of the protective outer covering. But these capsules might be difficult to swallow for some because they are pretty big in size when compared to soft gels.

Softgel capsules coverings are made of gelatin and several other ingredients, including plasticizers, which are basically glycerin. The gelatin used for the coat is made of collagen that is derived from the skin, hooves, and hide of pigs and cows. This is why softgels are not an option for vegetarians and vegans.

While buying capsules or soft gels of flaxseed oil, search for products that give you a higher dosage for each softgel or capsule. This way, you will get a higher concentration of active ingredients present in the product.

Best Flaxseed Oil Capsules in India : FAQs

What are the benefits of flaxseed oil capsules?

Flaxseed oil can be consumed in the liquid form or the form of capsules. It is easier to take flaxseed oil as a capsule because it is convenient, and the dosage is pre-monitored. Most people use flaxseed oil capsules to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and also treat digestive problems. Some people might use flaxseed oil to treat inflammatory diseases as well.

How do you take flaxseed oil capsules?

You can take 3 capsules of flaxseed oil every day after significant meals. Or go with the prescribed amount given by your physician. Be sure that you need to take double the amount of flaxseed oil to get the same amount of omega 3 fatty acids present in half the quantity of fish oil capsules.

Can people suffering from diabetes take flaxseed oil capsules?

People who suffer from diabetes may get added benefits from consuming flaxseed oil capsules. Since the product is rich in fiber, unique plant components, and omega 3 fatty acids, it may aid in improving blood sugar control, sensitivity to insulin, and also reduce the risks of heart diseases.

Can daily consumption of flaxseed oil capsules be a safe choice?

DHA and EPA are essential for the brain to function properly and the body to carry out several metabolic processes. Daily consumption of flaxseed oil might be just optimal for you, or it might drive up the ALA levels in your body. All of it depends on the other supplements or food products that you intake, which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Conclusion : 

Flaxseed oil capsules don’t have similar dietary benefits as whole flaxseeds. Nonetheless, it is as yet a decent source of ALA, which is one sort of omega-3 fatty acid. Unfavorable impacts are uncommon and normally mellow.

Fusing flaxseed oil into a healthy diet is genuinely straightforward. It gives an omega-3 lift and may have some extra advantages, for example, diminishing cholesterol and battling inflammation.

Flaxseed oil supplements are accessible to most people by virtue of online ecommerce stores. And according to customer testimonials, we found that Carbamide Forte Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil capsules are one of the best ones available out there. It is composed of pure flaxseed oil that is cold-pressed and carefully extracted from flaxseed oil. It is great for your skin, hair, heart, and metabolism.

Let us know if you liked the reviews. Hope the buying guide has helped you choose the best one for your use. If you have any questions left, share them in the comment section below.


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