Best Glutamine Supplements in India

Best Glutamine Supplements in India

Glutamine is an abundantly found amino acid that makes about 20% of all the amino acids found in our body. It is categorized as one of the conditionally essential amino acids because often, the body makes enough of it for synthesizing protein.

But its level decreases when one undergoes strenuous physical activity. Our body does not get enough glutamine from a regular diet in these cases, and so, using a supplement becomes necessary for healthy living.

We have prepared a list of the best glutamine supplement available in India. We have discussed each supplement in detail with its pros and cons. You might consider the following essential factors before the purchase to choose what’s best for you.

  • Quantity: The quantity of supplement decides the number of servings. If you put it into perspective, you can pretty easily determine whether a product is worth the money. Also, if you look at the quantity, you can easily decide how much supplement to buy so that you don’t miss a dosage.
  • Type of Supplement: Glutamine supplement is available in capsule and powder form. While capsules are easier to gulp down, glutamine powder shows its effectiveness quicker. You can choose whichever suits your requirements.
  • Certifications: Fssai, GMP, FDA, ISO, HACCP certifications assure that the supplement is free from all harmful substances. It is better to purchase a supplement that has certifications from these government bodies to ensure quality and safety.

There are other factors of consideration that can inform you more about glutamine supplements. We have mentioned a BUYING GUIDE and FAQ towards the end of this article, take a look to get to know about this supplement in detail.

Glutamine supplementQuantityBuy Now
Now Foods120 tablets Check The Price
Musclepharm300g Check The Price
Sinew Nutrition330g Check The Price
MuscleTech300g Check The Price
Optimum Nutrition300g Check The Price
Muscle-Blaze100g Check The Price
Evlution Nutrition300g Check The Price
AS-IT-IS Nutrition250g Check The Price
Abbzorb Nutrition250g Check The Price
Advance MuscleMass300g Check The Price

Best Glutamine Supplements in India

01. Now Foods L-Glutamine Capsules 

Now Foods Glutamine Supplements

Now Foods is a leading supplement brand with thousands of products in the market. They make some of the best nutraceutical products that are safe for consumption. If you are looking for one of the best glutamine supplements, Now Foods will be a good choice. It is a vegetarian capsule that contains 500mg of L-glutamine.

Each capsule releases glutamine in the free form. It is best for adults who undergo rigorous training every day. You can trust this supplement as it is manufactured under GMP certified facility, so you can consume it with peace of mind.

With regular consumption of this glutamine supplement, you will have better immunity, and there will be a considerable decrease in muscle recovery time. It also supports muscle mass through protein synthesis. The capsules are about an inch long. This might be slightly bigger for a few people.

As it comes in a capsule form, consuming it is easy. Each day, you will have to take three capsules, one at a time in between meals. The pack contains 120 glutamine capsules and has enough supply for a month.

Key Points: 

  • Contains a total of 120 capsules
  • Recommended dosage is 3 capsules per day
  • Offers a strength of 500mg
  • GMP certified for safe consumption


  • Decent strength of 500mg
  • Non-GMO product
  • Supports muscle building
  • Builds stronger immunity


  • Bigger size capsules

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02. Musclepharm Glutamine

Musclepharm Glutamine Supplements

Musclepharm is a known brand that is making its mark in the nutraceutical world. It offers glutamine in powder form and is safe for consumption as it has been tested for banned substances.

It offers a composition of L-glutamine, Alanyl L-glutamine, and glutamine peptides for supporting muscle growth and recovery. As it is unflavored, you can easily incorporate it in your morning health drink or favorite smoothie every day.

Glutamine is essential for protein synthesis, which supports muscle growth. While taking this glutamine supplement, you will be able to recover faster for a more intense workout the next day. It also promotes a healthier digestive system for healthy living.

If you combine this glutamine powder supplement with a proper diet, you will see positive changes in your health. The pack contains 300 grams of product, which would last for longer because you have to take 5 grams of glutamine powder each day after training your muscles.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 300gm supplement powder
  • Recommended dosage is 5grams each day
  • Tested for a banned substance and safe for consumption


  • Unflavored supplement can be mixed in any beverage
  • Offers L-glutamine, Alanyl L-glutamine, and glutamine peptides
  • Increases muscle recovery rate after exercise
  • Good for the digestive system


  • Manufactured in a facility that handles nuts, dairy, and eggs

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03. Sinew Nutrition 100% Pure L-Glutamine Powder

Sinew Nutrition Glutamine

Those of you searching for a relatively affordable supplement can choose this one. It is from Sinew Nutrition, a brand that formulates high-quality nutraceutical products. You can trust this brand for safe consumption as ISO and fssai have certified the supplement.

Each serving will give you 5grams of raw glutamine for replenishing your muscle after a workout. Mixing this supplement to any other beverage is not recommended as it has a slight odor of its own, which can alter the smell of the drink. However, if the scent is not a problem for you, you can blend it with any drink you want.

You can do resistance training of the highest rigor without getting tired if you take this supplement as it offers a strong dose of 5 grams of glutamine. It prevents catabolization and helps in maintaining cell volume by hydrating the cells by maintaining blood flow.

The pack contains 330 grams of pure glutamine. As the recommended dosage is 5 grams two times a day, it will last for 66 servings if you consume it regularly. Making a drink with this supplement powder will not be a hassle as it mixes very easily.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 330g of grams of glutamine supplement
  • Recommended dosage is 5g, twice per day
  • Certified by ISO and GMP for safe consumption


  • Offers pure, raw glutamine
  • Pack contains more quantity
  • Prevents muscle loss by hydrating cells
  • Speeds up muscle recovery after intense training


  • Slightly strong smell

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04. MuscleTech Essential Series Glutamine

MuscleTech Glutamine Supplements

It is a good glutamine supplement if you are looking for one in the mid-range. This supplement from Muscletech Essential Series is imported and offers fine quality micronized glutamine. As GMP has certified it, you can consider it to be safe for consumption.

This supplement gives 5g of pure glutamine in each serving. It has an easy mix formula that makes it highly soluble in the liquid. Because it is an unflavored supplement, it can be mixed in any drink. You can also include this supplement with your daily dose of BCAA, whey protein, or creatine supplements for a power-packed health drink.

L-glutamine is an amino acid that is essential for protein synthesis in your body. Hence, you should take this supplement regularly for better muscle growth and recovery of lost muscle. The brand claims that this HPLC tested supplement delivers better glutamine value than the competitors.

There is 300g of pure glutamine powder in the pack. Mix one scoop (5g) of the product in 236ml of liquid to make a drink. On days you are working out, you can take up to two servings for some extra replenishment.

Key Points: 

  • Pack contains 300g supplement
  • Recommended dosage is 5g to 10g per day
  • Certified by GMP for safe consumption


  • Contains pure glutamine
  • Odorless and tasteless supplement is easy to mix
  • Rebuilds muscle by doing protein synthesis


  • Might contain traces of eggs or dairy

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05. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Glutamine Powdered Supplement

Optimum Nutrition is a popular brand for health supplements. It has a reputation for its quality and effective health solutions. This supplement by ON is no different as it packs 5g of pure glutamine per serving. It does not have any additive and is suitable for safe consumption as certified by fssai.

You can take this glutamine supplement without worrying about any extra calories as it does not contain any amount of carbohydrate or fat. This supplement contains L-glutamine amino acid in the pure form. Its flavorless feature adds to its versatility as it can be mixed in any drink.

Making a drink with this health supplement is quite easy as the formula dilutes easily. Just one serving gives you enough glutamine to replenish your muscle during training. It also strengthens your immune system for providing you strength from within.

A benefit of this glutamine supplement is that you have to take just one serving throughout the day, which makes it hassle-free as compared to many other products. Dilute 1 teaspoon and consume it post-workout or before going to bed to get the perfect dosage.

key Points: 

  • Contains 300g supplement
  • Recommended dose is 5.15g once every day
  • Fssai certified for safe consumption


  • The pack will last longer
  • Helps build muscle
  • Strengthens immunity
  • The vegetarian supplement is suitable for everyone


  • Price is slightly expensive

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06. MuscleBlaze L- Glutamine

Muscleblaze Glutamine Supplements

If you are trying glutamine supplements for the first time, then you should buy this product. Unlike other supplement brands that pack large quantities, MuscleBlaze has strategically made this pack smaller, consisting of just 100g, which is great for glutamine beginners. Once you like it, you can opt for buying a larger pack.

It contains a micro-filtered L-glutamine of the highest quality that does not contain any adulteration. You might want to choose the flavorless version of this supplement as it can be incorporated into any health drink. However, if you prefer the flavored variation, then it is also available in fruit punch taste.

This health supplement is formulated to give a boost to your immune system. The supplement prevents muscle loss by supporting your muscle through and after the workout. It will help to achieve your fitness goal if you combine it with proper diet and regular exercise.

This glutamine supplement offers a bang for your buck. It is a very affordable product that can last for 20 servings. For consumption, mix it with 250ml of water and drink it immediately after workout for the best results.

Key Points:

  •  Contains 100g glutamine powder
  • Recommended dosage is one serving (5g) per day
  • Safe to consume as certified by fssai


  • Very affordable price
  • Comes in flavored and flavorless variants
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easily mixes with liquid
  • Increases blood flow to muscles


  • This flavorless supplement has a mild scent

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07. Evlution Nutrition Glutamine

Evlution Nutrition Glutamine Supplements

If you do not like sticking to a strict routine and are looking for a glutamine supplement that you can consume anytime in the day, choose the EVL Glutamine. It is a trusted brand that offers 5g of glutamine per serving for supporting your muscle growth.

Evlution Nutrition claims it to be the ultra-pure grade glutamine supplement that does not contain any added sugar or carbohydrate. You can consume it without worrying about calories as it has none. One of the reasons fitness enthusiasts like it because it is totally flavorless and odorless with a formula that mixes into water within seconds.

The plant-based glutamine powder is ideal for consuming any time during the day. You can even take it with your health drink in the morning or mix it in your protein shake to get a glutamine amino acid boost. It is great for rapid muscle recovery to get back in the gym even after the most intense training. Incorporating this fitness supplement will do great favors for your body.

This pack contains 300g of glutamine powder that you can use over two months. This glutamine powder is for both men and women. You ought to take 5grams of this glutamine powder with water or protein shake any time you like. For optimum muscle fitness and strength, consume regularly.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 300g of glutamine powder
  • Recommended dosage is 5g, once a day
  • Plat based vegetarian glutamine supplement


  • Take it at any time
  • Quality is of the highest grade
  • Gluten-free supplement
  • Glutamine supports muscle growth.


  • Price is a bit high

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08.  AS-IT-IS Nutrition L-Glutamine

AS-IT-IS Nutrition Glutamine Supplements

If you are on a budget, you might try out this glutamine supplement to deliver quality at an affordable price. As-It-Is Nutrition is a rising brand that has gained a good reputation for manufacturing good quality health supplements over the past couple of years. You can trust this supplement as it has the certification of GMP and fssai.

It is flavorless and contains no additional color, preservatives, or calories. It is free from potential allergens like gluten and soy. There is no diary or non-veg extracts either, which makes it a good option for vegans. The powder is 100% L-glutamine of the pharmaceutical grade that has been lab-tested for quality check.

This supplement delivers unadulterated glutamine to replenish you with energy so that you can continue your fitness training. You might feel a significant improvement in the gastrointestinal tract after taking this supplement for a while. It is a great recovery fuel that helps your muscles to recover in between trainings.

There is 250g of glutamine powder in the pack. You may take this glutamine supplement up to three times daily by mixing it in water, juice, or any beverage of your choice. It is preferable if you take it in between meals. As the serving times are more, it will be better to order a few packs at a time while purchasing so as not to miss out on your daily dose of glutamine.

Key Points:

  • Pack contains 250g glutamine powder supplement
  • Recommended dosage is 5grampes, three times daily
  • Certified by GMP and fssai for quality and safety


  • Very affordable glutamine powder
  • Offers pharmaceutical grade L-glutamine
  • Improves the gastrointestinal tracts
  • Free from gluten, nuts and other common allergens


  • Requires three times daily intake

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09. Abbzorb Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder

Abbzorb Nutrition Glutamine Supplements

Looking for a budgeted product that is easier on your pockets? Consider purchasing the Abbzorb Nutrition glutamine powder that comes in a pack of 250grams. It has been manufactured in GMP approved facility and is also certified by fssai for safe consumption.

You can rely on the brand for supporting your fitness regime with the glutamine amino acid you require. It is 100% glutamine that does not contain any flavor, fillers, sugar, color, or additives. Consuming it is very easy as the powder mixes with water quickly. It has been formulated for quick absorption.

Glutamine is an essential component of strengthening the immune system. You also need it in ample quantity for proper protein synthesis, which is responsible for muscle growth. Incorporating glutamine supplements in your diet will also prevent catabolism or muscle loss.

There is 250g of powdered form of glutamine in the pack. Taking two helpings of 5g by mixing it with 210ml liquid will be beneficial for your health. The ideal time for consuming it is in the morning with breakfast or just after working out your muscles.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 250g glutamine
  • Recommended dosage is 5g twice per day
  • Certified by fssai and GMP for safe consumption


  • Promotes wellbeing by replenishing energy levels
  • A powerful dose of glutamine at affordable price
  • Contains 100% pure L-glutamine
  • Fast absorption formula for faster effect


  • The pack is just enough for 25 days

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10. Advance MuscleMass Micronized Glutamine

Advance MuscleMass Glutamine Supplements

Advances MuscleMass offers micronized glutamine at an affordable price. It is a trustable brand that makes good quality health supplements at a reasonable cost. The glutamine supplement is worth your money and safe for consumption as it has the certification of fssai.

Each 5g of supplement powder delivers 4.5g of pure glutamine that has been extracted from the highest quality vegetarian ingredients. There is added flavor and color in this supplement for taste enhancement.

Consuming a drink enriched with glutamine will lessen the chances of dehydration. It will eliminate fatigue that prevents you from hitting the gym the next day as it assists muscle recovery. The fast absorption formula is really helpful because you feel energized almost instantly after consuming it.

It contains 300g of glutamine powder supplement. As this supplement has a sweet flavor, it is best to mix it in plain water of room temperature. Take 5g of this glutamine supplement and mix it with 210ml water and take it before you start training in the morning.

Key Points: 

  • Pack contains 300g supplement
  • Recommended dosage is 5g, once daily
  • Fssai certification for safety of consumption


  • Micronized glutamine absorbs fast into the body
  • Helps in developing lean muscle
  • Augments blood flow for hydrating cells
  • Requires taking just once serving daily
  • Each pack suffices for 2 months


  • Contains coloring agent and flavor

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Buying Guide for the Best Glutamine Supplements

The function of glutamine is not limited to preventing muscle loss; it is a conditionally essential amino acid that is important for immunity and digestive tract health too. Often, we get glutamine from the food we consume, but that might fall short for people who are into muscle training. This is where glutamine supplementation becomes necessary.

The benefits of a proper level of glutamine in the blood can help you in several ways. To buy a glutamine brand that is perfect for your requirements, you might be interested in the compact buying guide that we have prepared for you to make your purchase easier.


Different ingredients will have different benefits in supplements that apparently are for the same purpose. Besides ingredients, the process of its extraction and the quantity included matters too in deciding its effectiveness. While purchasing a glutamine supplement, it is better to check the composition. It is better to opt for a brand that offers 100% pure glutamine with no added preservatives.


5g to 10g of glutamine is sufficient for most fitness trainers, bodybuilders, and weightlifters. If a supplement is strong, it will have more effect on your body and vice versa. This does not mean that you should take the strongest dosage available or overdose on it. You must assess the need for your requirements before buying a supplement for glutamine. Never exceed the recommended dosage mentioned on the pack.

Shelf Life

A health supplement product with a longer shelf life is better as you can store it for a longer, case you a break in between purchasing and consuming the supplement. It is preferable for your glutamine supplement to have at least a shelf life of 12 to 18 months.


Always take a good look at the quantity of a supplement you are getting for the price because you don’t want to miss a dose. Take a note of the exact days a pack will suffice for and re-purchase the supplement accordingly. Alternatively, you can order a few packs of glutamine tablets or powder at a time for convenience.


It is easier to consume a supplement once a day than to consume it at regular intervals. Hence, look for a product that recommends 1 to 2 servings per day. However, there is no harm in opting for brands that recommend multiple servings because this way, your body gets enough time to incorporate and adjust to the supplementation that is being given in smaller doses.


A supplement is only useful for you if it suits you and your requirement. While judging this aspect, there are two major factors to be considered. If you are a vegetarian, buy a supplement that has the green vegetarian symbol. If you follow a vegan diet, look at the ingredient list, and see whether it is free from ingredients like honey or milk. If you are allergic to anything, then opt for supplements that are free from allergens.


This is an entirely personal choice. You might opt for a flavorless glutamine powder or choose one that has flavor. The benefit of an unflavored supplement is that you can mix it with other supplements like whey protein, BCAA, or HGH in the same drink and consume it at once. With flavored supplements, you will have to make a separate beverage.


The nutraceutical market is filled with fraud products that might have banned substances. This is why you should opt for supplement brands that are certified by fssai, GMO, ISO, FDA, HACCP, or other govt bodies in charge of quality control. It makes sure that your glutamine supplement is third-party tested and safe for consumption.

FAQs on the Best Glutamine Supplements

What is glutamine, and why is it important? 

There are 21 amino acids present in the body, and glutamine is one of them. L-glutamine is one of the main components in protein synthesis that leads to muscle development. It is categorized under conditionally essential amino acids. This means that our bodies produce enough of this amino acid, but if you exercise or do strenuous physical work, then it depletes. Under such circumstances, supplementing may be necessary for preventing muscle loss.

What are the benefits of taking glutamine? 

Glutamine is one of the vital components for protein synthesis, which leads to muscle formation. A healthy amount of glutamine in the blood prevents catabolization or muscle loss. It can maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall and hence is largely responsible for a healthy digestive tract. You can also depend on glutamine for giving you a better immune system that shields you against ailments. It replenishes the tissues and quickens recovery time after fitness training.

What food contains glutamine? 

There is plenty of food that contains glutamine, some of the highest glutamine-rich food are:

  • Lean meat
  • Sea fish
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • cabbage
  • Legumes

When should you take glutamine? 

Most fitness experts would recommend taking glutamine post-workout. It is because the amino acid can immediately start working on the muscles and prevent muscle loss. If you are taking multiple glutamine servings a day, then consuming a glutamine supplement in between the meals is better. However, it varies from brand to brand. For best results, read the directions written on the packet and follow it.

Can glutamine make you gain height? 

Glutamine is an amino acid known for increasing the HGH (human growth hormone). It affects your body by giving volume to your muscle and also increasing the height a bit. But, do not expect a massive height increase. The effect of glutamine is known to be limited for height increasing.


We hope we were able to explain to you the importance of glutamine as we have been talking about the best glutamine supplements so far. It is one of the key components in protein synthesis and muscle maintenance. Including this supplement as a part of your daily fitness routine is a great idea as it helps muscles to recover quickly and energizes you after intense exercise.

Of the various choices available, we think Now Foods L-Glutamine Capsules is the best as it is easy to consume, effective and offers many other benefits. It is an imported brand that is popular in the health and fitness world. We hope we could help make up your mind regarding which glutamine supplement will work best for you. If you are unsure, go through the Buying Guide and FAQs.

Let us know your thoughts regarding this article. Make sure to post any queries that you may have on glutamine in the comment section below.


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