Best Magnesium Supplements in India


To live a healthy life, we need to ensure if we are taking all the necessary nutrients required by our body to function properly. What most people do not realize is that we need micronutrients like vitamins and minerals to extract energy from food. This is the reason they are also called essential nutrients for our bodies.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant essential nutrient in the human body. It plays an important role in many functions of our body, and hence supplementation is necessary. Thus, today we are here with the best magnesium supplements along with their details that include the following:

  • Number of Tablets: The number of tablets available in a supplement is often a deciding factor while buying any health supplement. It can explain how questions like, ‘how many days a supplement will last’? And ‘Is it worth its given price’? Some of these supplements contain 120 tablets, while some have 250 tablets.
  • Strength of the Tablet: This factor determines how much quantity of ingredients are present in a tablet. It is mainly measured in terms of mg, and a higher mg rating means higher the strength of the tablet. It is an important factor as it is based on how much quantity you need and how much is actually present.
  • Certifications: Proper certification ensures the quality of the supplement as these supplements are provided certification after a thorough inspection. This inspection is done by a few authorities, namely FSSAI, GMP, ISO, FDA, and various others.

We have also mentioned a BUYING GUIDE and FAQ section in this article to make you understand all the important factors while buying magnesium supplements. So make sure to follow this article until the end for buying the right magnesium supplement.

Best Magnesium Supplements QuantityStrengthBuy Now
Nature Made100 Tablets250mg Check The Price
Solaray120 Tablets400mg Check The Price
HealthyHey Nutrition120 Tablets500mg Check The Price
Doctor's240 Tablets200mg Check The Price
Boldfit60 Tablets340mg Check The Price
Nature Bounty200 Tablets500mg Check The Price
Source Naturals360 Tablets1250mg Check The Price
Life Extension100 Tablets500mg Check The Price
Now Foods250 Table200mg Check The Price
Kal180 Tablets400mg Check The Price

Best Magnesium Supplements Brands in India

01) Nature Made Magnesium Tablets

Nature Made Magnesium Tablets

Nature made is a great choice for buying not just magnesium supplements but also for buying nearly any health supplement. This is mainly because of the wide variety and the quality of supplements that they offer.

Ingredients of this supplement include magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide. Each serving size includes 250mg of magnesium oxide. Some other ingredients consist of cellulose gel, croscarmellose sodium, silicon dioxide, polyethylene glycol, magnesium stearate, and a few more.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient, and it supports muscle, nerve, heart, and bone health. The reason behind this is that it helps to regulate the proper functioning of calcium, potassium, and sodium in the human body.

This supplement can be very useful for those who are involved in physical activities like fitness training and even for those who are under constant stress. It supports muscle relaxation and can help recover from muscle cramps.

According to nature made, consuming one tablet per day with water after a meal will be sufficient for most adults. These tablets are 100% vegetarian and are gluten-free.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet
  • FSSAI approved
  • Not to be taken by those who are suffering from kidney issues


  • No artificial flavors
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian


  • Not safe for children


02) Solaray Magnesium Glycinate

Solaray Magnesium Glycinate

Solaray is also a good brand for dietary supplements as they provide a vast range of supplements for all your needs. Their products are laboratory tested and have also been certified safe from FSSAI. This means they are highly safe for consumption.

This supplement is rich in magnesium in the form of magnesium glycinate, which is extremely good for your bones. One serving size contains 400mg of magnesium glycinate. Other ingredients include vegetable cellulose capsule, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, cellulose, and silica.

The magnesium glycinate present in this supplement is formed by combining glycine, which is an amino acid and elemental form of magnesium. The body uses this amino acid for the construction of protein.

If you have trouble sleeping or if you want to sleep like a baby, then consuming this supplement can improve your quality of sleep. It may also support mental health by reducing anxiety, stress levels, and depression.

This capsule is a little smaller than 1 inch in length and is advised to take 4 tablets in one day. This is a vegetarian product that contains 120 vegetarian capsules.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 4 tablets daily
  • FSSAI approved
  • 120 vegetarian tablets


  • Easy to swallow
  • Vegetarian
  • Good for bones


  • Serving size is pretty high


03) HealthyHey Nutrition Magnesium Citrate

HealthyHey Nutrition Magnesium Citrate

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly brand that provides the same amounts of nutrition and HealthyHey Nutrition might just be the choice you are looking for. Their product has also been highly certified by organizations like FSSAI, WHO-GMO, and FSSC.

Key ingredient of this supplement is magnesium as magnesium citrate, which is bound with citric acid. Some additional ingredients include vegetable capsule shell, bulking agent, and anticaking agent.

Magnesium citrate that is available in this supplement is known to be one of the most common forms of magnesium. It is very easy to be absorbed by the body from your digestive tract, so taking it in the form of supplements is a great choice.

This supplement is helpful to fulfill magnesium deficiency, which is often caused by lifestyle diseases like diabetes. It can also be used in the treatment of prolonged constipation in some cases.

This container has 120 vegetarian capsules that are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans—consuming 1 tablet daily with water or juice, preferably after meals is considered ideal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet daily
  • 500mg capsules
  • Certified by FSSAI, WHO-GMP, & FSSC


  • Supports bone health
  • Gluten-free
  • Highly certified
  • affordable


  • Heavy dosage can be harmful


04) Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium

Doctors Best High Absorption Chelated Magnesium

Doctor’s Best, as the name suggests, is a very popular brand in the health supplement industry. This brand is well trusted by a huge population of people across several countries. It is considered safe for consumption and has been certified by FSSAI.

The main ingredient of this supplement contains magnesium in the form of magnesium glycinate chelate. The other ingredients consist of microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and coating.

It is a high absorption magnesium supplement which uses patented, organic, and chelated delivery form of magnesium to optimize absorption by the body. Lysine and glycine have proven to be good carriers of minerals and facilitates even more absorption in the intestinal tract.

This supplement can help improve sleep and a variety of inflammatory health conditions. It also claims to support the heart, nervous system, and even the cellular energy for everyday activities. A vast majority of people are deficient in magnesium, and deficiencies can be easily covered up with this supplement.

If you are a vegan, then this supplement is compatible with your diet, as it is a vegan product. Doctor’s Best advice is to consume 2 tablets in a day with water after taking a meal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 2 tablets
  • GMP approved
  • Made in America


  • No artificial flavors
  • 100% absorption
  • Vegetarian


  • Not safe for kids


05) Boldfit Magnesium Complex

Boldfit Magnesium Complex

Boldfit is a rising name in the health supplements industry and already has a vast range of products for all your requirements. They are known for their high potency formula, which provides maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals. It has been certified safe by GMP.

This supplement has a combination of different types of magnesium as its ingredients. They are magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, and magnesium oxide, which are all eq. to elemental magnesium. The total amount of magnesium per serving becomes equal to 340mg.

These chelated magnesium complex tablets deliver 340 mg of pure elemental magnesium, which is easily absorbed by the body because of its form. Magnesium oxide combines magnesium with oxygen and has an active ingredient called milk of magnesia. It is a famous medication for constipation relief.

Since it is such a powerful medication, it offers a lot of benefits along with it. This supplement can keep you energized all day while keeping your heart healthy. It is also useful in stabilizing sugar levels in diabetic patients and improving the quality of sleep.

This product is manufactured in ISO approved, and GMP certified facilities. These tablets are 100 vegetarian and easy to swallow due to their small size. Consuming 2 tablets in a day is recommended by the company.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 2 tablet daily
  • Serving size is equal to 680mg magnesium
  • ISO and GMP approved


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Ideal for overall wellness


  • Unsafe for pregnant women


06) Nature Bounty Magnesium

Nature Bounty Magnesium High Potency

Nature Bounty is yet another highly rated and popular brand when you are buying any health supplements. It is an old and well-established brand that has been offering its products for nearly 50 years.

The major ingredient of this supplement is magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide. Other ingredients consist of vegetable cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, citric acid, medium-chain triglycerides, polydextrose, and vegetable magnesium stearate.

Magnesium oxide is a white powdery substance that is made into a capsule form. This is often used to provide relief of uncomfortable bowel movement, digestive problems like heartburn, and indigestion. It also contains properties that can prevent and treat migraines.

Magnesium is a key nutrient that regulates other nutrients like calcium and makes sure it functions properly. This is the reason this supplement is considered good for bones and muscle health. It also aids in protein formation in the nerve impulses.

The coated tablets made available by Nature Bounty are easy to swallow and are non-GMO. They contain no starch, artificial flavors, milk lactose, soy, wheat, fish, starch, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. Consume one tablet daily, preferably with a meal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet daily
  • 500mg magnesium tablets
  • FSSAI approved
  • Not for pregnant women


  • No artificial flavors
  • Great for bones
  • Vegetarian


  • Only for adults


07) Source Naturals Magnesium Malate

Source Naturals Magnesium Malate

You can find a wide range of health supplements from Source Naturals. Their products are laboratory-tested and are quite reliable for its quality. They have also received 75 national awards in the USA.

This supplement consists of magnesium malate trihydrate, sodium, and malic acid. Ingredients that are used in the making of this product are stearic acid, acacia gum, modified cellulose gum, silica along with magnesium stearate.

Magnesium malate is a naturally occurring substance in food like fruits and wine. It is one of the best forms of magnesium as it is easily absorbed in the digestive tract, and it is a great option to get rid of any magnesium deficiency.

Consuming this supplement can be very beneficial as it supports heart health and, at the same time, helps in energy production. Due to its properties of energy production, it is often recommended for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

One bottle contains 360 tablets, which can provide up to 1250mg of magnesium in a day. According to the company, one should take 3 tablets in a day with water after consuming a proper meal.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1-3 tablets
  • FSSAI approved
  • Gluten-free


  • No artificial flavors
  • Boosts energy
  • Safe to consume


  • Quite expensive


08) Life Extension Magnesium

Life Extension Magnesium

Life extension, as the name suggests, helps in increasing the longevity of your life and keeps you healthy with supplements for all your needs. 99% of their products are manufactured in the USA, and their facility is NSF GMP registered.

Magnesium available in this supplement is present in the form of magnesium oxide, citrate, succinate, magnesium lysyl glycinate chelate. All of these things combine to result in up to 119% of your daily required magnesium value. It can be highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health if taken in the right dosage.

Other than this, its other ingredients also include vegetable cellulose for making the capsules, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, silica, citric acid, and a few other key ingredients. Since it uses vegetable cellulose for making the capsules, this supplement is completely vegan, making it a great pick for those who are on a vegan diet.

If you are facing energy deficiency issues daily, then taking this supplement can be a great option for you since it helps in energy production in your body. The citric acid present in this supplement also helps to maintain the pH level of your urine and makes your digestive system a bit better.

You can find a total of 100 vegan capsules in this supplement that have a strength of 500 mg. For proper magnesium intake, you should be taking up to 1 capsule per day while using this supplement.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 1 tablet
  • FSSAI, NSF GMP approved
  • 100% vegan tablets
  • Great for cardiovascular health


  • Includes additional acids other than magnesium
  • Improves energy level in body
  • Ideal for users with a vegan diet


  • Table size is a bit large


09) Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

Now Foods Magnesium Capsules

Now Foods is a highly popular brand of health supplements since it makes a wide range of satisfactory products including its magnesium supplement tablets that are vegetarian and safe to use thanks to the GMP quality assurance included with them.

The major ingredient of this magnesium supplement is magnesium citrate that has a strength of 2660 mg. But the tablets themselves have a different strength rating and contribute to 95% of your daily magnesium requirements. This supplement also contains magnesium stearate that comes from a vegetable source since it is a vegetarian supplement that does not use wheat, gluten, egg, or other things.

Just like most other supplements in this article, you also get other things in this supplement, including hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetarian coating, stearic acid from a vegetable source, and croscarmellose sodium that can further help in a healthier body with this supplement.

As this supplement uses magnesium stearate, all of the ingredients do not stick to each other, which makes taking a tablet quite easy. The magnesium citrate present in it can be highly beneficial for your muscles and nerves. It also increases the water present in your intestines for improved digestion.

Unlike most other supplements that come with 100 or 120 tablets, this one offers a total of 250 tablets. Even with the given serving size of 2 tablets a day, these 200 mg tablets can easily last for a long time.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 2 tablet
  • GMP approved
  • Vegetarian magnesium supplement tablets
  • Uses 2660 mg magnesium citrate


  • Easy to take tablets
  • Effective strength of 400 mg
  • Does not contain egg, gluten, or other similar things
  • Great for muscle and nerve health


  • Magnesium from a single source


10) Kal – Magnesium Glycinate

Kal Magnesium Glycinate

When compared with other options in this article and out there, Kal happens to be one of the oldest options that has been making great health supplements since 1932. As they have a lot of experience in making supplements, this FSSAI approved magnesium supplement can be a great pick.

You can find a decent amount of magnesium in this supplement that comes from magnesium glycinate. Another great thing about this supplement is that it offers a small amount of dietary fiber that is always great to have. This supplement can help in your sleep cycle since it relaxes your body with proper energy formation.

As it does not use milk, gluten, or egg, it is a vegan product and ideal for most users despite their ideal diet. The magnesium glycinate can be helpful for relaxed muscles, especially in your legs, and ensures that you have healthy muscle growth even if you work out a lot.

Since this supplement offers ActiveTab technology, taking it with water should not be an issue. The tablets themselves are made out of cellulose, stearic acid, silica, and magnesium stearate, which happens to be the same as most other options in this article.

These tablets offer an effective strength of 400 mg while having a total of 180 tablets in a pack. Although, since you have to take a total of 2 tablets in a day, these run out in a short period of time in comparison with other magnesium supplements.

Key Points:

  • Serving size: 2 tablet
  • FSSAI approved
  • Vegan tablets
  • Easy to swallow with ActiveTab technology


  • Uses magnesium glycinate as a primary ingredient
  • Does not contain milk, gluten, or egg
  • Good for relaxing muscles and improving sleep
  • Decent tablet strength


  • Contains a low amount of tablets


Buying Guide For Magnesium Tablets

Purchasing any supplement for consumption can be a critical decision as it will have a direct impact on your body and health. Until now, you may have understood the importance of magnesium in your body.

But consuming magnesium in appropriate quantities based upon your specific needs is also important. This is done to reap the maximum benefits of any supplement. To understand things even better, we have provided you a detailed buying guide. It will help you to attain sufficient knowledge that you need to purchase the best magnesium supplement for yourself after going through each point until the end:


The amount of supplement that needs to be taken for optimal consumption is yet another crucial factor whenever you buy any supplement. The optimal dosage here means the amount of dose you need and the amount of dose the supplement offers per tablet. There is a possibility that the dosage that you want in a day could be taken by a single tablet daily from a supplement, while some other supplement provides you the same amount from two tablets.

Most people prefer to consume a single tablet daily, as it is very likely to forget to take pills again and again. In some cases, taking one capsule might provide you less than what you need, and taking 2 capsules may be too much for you. Finding the right balance between the two is very important, and hence dosage is to be considered.

Strength of the Capsule

Strength of a capsule of any supplement tells about the amount of nutrients it can provide per serving. It is a crucial factor that we have to consider when buying any supplement and even when buying other pharmaceutical products. For example, whenever you visit a doctor with a certain illness, he/she advises you with some medications. Those medications are available in different mgs and are given to you as per your needs.

The same is the case with these magnesium supplements. Each of them has different strengths of capsules, and you need to buy one depending on how much you require. Some of them are available in 500mg, while some contain 200mg. Out of these two, the one with 500mg is stronger.

Number of Capsules

It is one of the most important factors that most of you have to consider whenever you buy any supplement. This simply tells you about the quantity offered by a supplement pack. Most of us like to buy these types of things in bulk so that we can avoid buying them frequently. This is due to the reason that your supplement might not be delivered on time in a few cases. Then you will either have to wait for it or drive to your nearest drug store.

This process can be time-consuming and quite unwanted. In case you want to take this supplement for a small period of time to fulfill a minor deficiency, then buying less number of capsules can be beneficial. Some brands offer 200 tablets while others contain 120, you can buy according to your needs.


One should always check the ingredient list of any health supplement they are about to purchase to know what exactly they are going to consume. Magnesium supplements are available in different forms of magnesium with different compositions.

There are ten types of magnesium, which are magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium lactate, magnesium chloride, magnesium malate, magnesium L-threonate, magnesium taurate, magnesium orotate, magnesium glycinate, and magnesium sulfate. These different types have different functions and various benefits.

They are all essential for the body as you might be deficient in either one of them or more than that. Some brands offer one concentrated form of magnesium, and others offer two or more types of magnesium. You should buy depending upon your specific needs.


As we have already said, magnesium is the fourth abundant mineral in the human body. It plays a very crucial role in our body and helps to regulate calcium, potassium, and sodium. Magnesium is also very essential for our cellular health. This is a critical component that is involved in more than 300 biochemical functions in our body. One can find magnesium in various rich whole foods like spinach, kefir, black beans, avocado, and various other stuff.

Recent studies have also proven that magnesium can help fight depression, which is the root cause of self-harm and suicide amongst individuals. It also poses a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems, arthritis, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions On the Magnesium Supplements in india

How much magnesium should I take in a day?

While the amount of magnesium required by your body daily depends on various factors like age group, gender, food diet, and other factors, a magnesium intake of 300-350 mg is generally recommended. Because of this, most magnesium supplements have a strength rating of something around that along with a matching dosage.

Why does the human body require magnesium?

Magnesium is considered as one of the most important nutrients required by your body since it serves many functions. It helps in the processing of mitochondria and the energy processes of your body in the form of ATP. This also helps in producing solid bones, healthy body cells, conduction of nerve and muscle cells, and various other things making it highly important in your daily diet.

How does magnesium deficiency occur?

Just like any other nutrients required by your body, magnesium deficiency occurs due to the lack of food items in your diet that are responsible for giving you the required amount of daily magnesium. Sometimes, diseases like diabetes can also cause magnesium imbalance in your body. In such cases, magnesium supplements mentioned in this article can be quite useful.

Can magnesium supplements cause any side effects?

If you are taking your magnesium supplements in the right dosage, you will not face any bad effects from it. A lot of magnesium supplements are made using natural ingredients to make them completely safe for your body. While most supplements have a recommended dosage, you should also consult your doctor just to be on the safer side.


Till now, you may have understood the true importance of magnesium in our body and why we need to supplement ourselves with magnesium. Magnesium has immense benefits and can even improve your workout performance. Magnesium can also help to prevent migraines and several diseases caused by chronic inflammation.

So, we have mentioned the best magnesium supplements available in the market that you can buy easily with the details present in this article. You can also check the BUYING GUIDE and FAQ section to buy the perfect one for you.

Out of the various options in this article, Doctor’s Best Magnesium Supplement is a brilliant option as they provide the best quantity magnesium that has 100% absorption.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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