5 Best Tulsi Drops Brand in India

Best Tulsi Drops in India

The Ayurveda considers Tulsi to be a sacred plant because of its cleansing properties. It cleanses your blood of impurities, cleans your intestines, and eliminates toxins. Tulsi is also beneficial for people who have respiratory troubles.

Not only does it maintain your external beauty with its anti-aging properties, but it also keeps your internal organs in good health. But to get the best Tulsi drops, you will have to purchase it from a good brand. Hence, we are here with the five best Tulsi drops brands in India. You might consider the following factors while buying a Tulsi drop.

Composition: Tulsi drops that have a composition of various types of Tulsi essence are better than ones that have been sourced from just one kind of Tulsi plant. The former type offers more benefits as compared to the latter one.

Brand: Brands that uses 100% organically grown Tulsi plants are better. This way, you get the pure essence of Tulsi with all its goodness intact that has been sourced from a high-quality Tulsi plant with immense medicinal benefits.

To know more about Tulsi drops, consider reading our BUYING GUIDE and FAQs section that we have incorporated in this article towards the end. These sections will assist you in buying the best product that is more suitable for you.

Tulsi Drop BrandsQuantityBuy Now
DABUR30ml Check The Price
Emeveta20ml Check The Price
Healthvit30ml Check The Price
IMC Herbal40ml Check The Price
Sri Sri Tattva90ml Check The Price

Best Tulsi Drops Brand in India

01. DABUR Tulsi Drops

Dabur Tulasi Drops

Dabur is one of the most trusted brands in India. It was established in 1975, and since then, Dabur has gained the trust of the entire nation with its reliable product range that promises results and is safe for consumption. Cost-wise, Dabur makes some of the most affordable products too.

The Dabur Tulsi drops bring you a unique formula of concentrated extracts of five types of Tulsi plants. There are the regular Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, Barberi, Kathinjar, and Nimbu Tulsi extracts in this blend. There is herbal goodness in every drop that will keep your health in good shape. You can consider it to be safe for consumption as it is a 100% ayurvedic product.

This concentrated blend of Tulsi drops benefits your health in ten ways. It gives you a better immunity that keeps viruses and bacteria from affecting your body. The antioxidant properties of the Dabur Tulsi drop check the activities of free radicals, preventing tumors and cancers from developing. Your heart, joints, liver, and digestive system will benefit if you take this Tulsi drops regularly.

Its antimicrobial property gives you clear skin by eliminating pimples. Tulsi is adaptogenic in nature, and hence, if you are under stress, you should take it. Besides, common cold and cough are things that none of us want to encounter. A great way to treat cold and cough is with this ayurvedic drops.

Consume it with a beverage of tea or milk by infusing 5 to 10 drops of it. Taking it twice to thrice daily will fetch all the health benefits. It contains 30 ml and is safe for all. People who want to manage their health well most definitely take it.

Key Points: 

  • Pack contains 30ml Tulsi drops
  • Offers a blend of five types of Tulsi
  • 100% ayurvedic product
  • The recommended dosage is 5 to 10 drops twice or thrice a day


  • Manufactured by a reputed brand
  • Concentrated formula is strong
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Supports the immune system and fights common cold and cough


  • No major cons

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02. Emeveta Herbal Organic Pure Panch Tulsi Ark Drops

Emeveta Herbal Organic Tulasi Drops

Emeveta is a leading herbal health care supplement manufacturer. Established in 2018, this brand uses the finest quality vegan ingredients to make the supplements and health care solutions. Their products are fully free from synthetic substances and harmful fillers. You can consider Emeveta Tulsi drops to be totally safe for consumption.

Five types of Tulsi plant extracts go into making this Emevata Tulsi drop. In this blend, you will find a potent concentration of Rama Tulsi, Shyama Tulsi, Nimbu Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, and regular Tulsi plant extracts. It tastes like natural Tulsi leaves and has all the herbal benefits intact.

The medicinal properties of Tulsi protect from various diseases like cough and cold. The antiviral property of Tulsi shields you from the viral fever or lets you cope up faster in case you have a fever. Older persons with cholesterol problems should consider buying the Emeveta Tulsi drops as it keeps LDL (bad cholesterol) in check.

If you do not like the concentrated taste of Tulsi drops, you can pour a few drops in your water purifier tank and let this herb work its magic. As it is antimicrobial, you can also use Tulsi drops as hand sanitizer. Besides, it is really good for your skin. On taking Tulsi drops every day, you will have lesser acne problems.

It contains 20ml of pure Tulsi drops that are free from all chemicals. Although the price of this Tulsi drop is slightly higher, it is a value for money product as you require to infuse just one drop of it into water or tea thrice a day to enjoy good health.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 20ml Tulsi drops
  • Offers five types of Tulsi extract blend
  • Organic and vegan product
  • Recommended dosage is 1 drop, thrice daily


  • Contains no added preservatives
  • High-quality Tulsi drop
  • one serving just requires one drop
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Eliminates free radicals from the body


  • Price is a slightly high

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03. Healthvit Tulsi Drops

Healthvit Tulsi Drops

Healthvit is yet another one of the trusted brands that has been catering to health supplement needs for 48 years. It is a WHO-GMP certified brand; hence, all the manufactured products under the Healthvit manufacturing facility are safe for consuming.

It has a fusion of various types of Tulsi herbs that keeps you in generally good health. Apart from Rama Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, and Krishna Tulsi, the Healthvit Tulsi drops have an infusion of the shwet sursa Tulsi, which has strong antioxidant properties.

Tulsi also gives anti-inflammatory benefits. If you are generally allergic and tend to swell up easily, this can be a remedy for you. It not only provides a better immunity but also is rich in antioxidants that flush free radicals out of the system. Removal of blood impurities and giving a better blood circulation is another benefit of consuming it.

The rate of tumor and cancer occurrence is higher in the urban population. Consuming Tulsi drops with water or tea has proven to be an effective solution for that. If you have constipation, then you must take it because it clears your intestines.

To consume it, mix four to five drops in lukewarm water or tea and drink it three to four times a day. The pack contains 30ml of product and is reasonably priced. One tube of the Healthvit Tulsi drops will last for about a month.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 30ml Tulsi drops
  • It has five types of Tulsi leaf extracts
  • Manufactured in GMP certified facility
  • Recommended dosage is 5 drops thrice to four times a day


  • Brand is popular
  • safe for consuming
  • Cleanses intestines to ease constipation
  • Effective in reducing allergies
  • Removes blood impurities


  • Warming up water will consume additional time

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04. IMC Herbal Shri Tulsi Drop

IMC Herbal Shri Tulsi Drops

If you are looking for a holy Tulsi drop brand for your whole family, then you can consider buying the IMC Herbal Shri Tulsi drop as it comes in a pack of 2 at a very reasonable price. IMC is a rising brand that was established a decade back. As of 2020, it manufactures a line of ayurvedic products that are considered best in the market.

This brand has incorporated five types of Tulsi extracts to make their Tulsi drops. It takes care of their manufacturing process so that you get only that is the purest and of the highest quality. As the product contains 100% original Tulsi in a concentrated form, the taste can be a tad stronger.

Tulsi is one of the greatest ayurvedic solutions to have flawless beauty because of its anti-aging properties. Not only will it give you brighter skin, but it also will repair the hair follicles for gorgeous hair. As Tulsi is antimicrobial, it will stop hair fall and shield you from common cold and flu by boosting immunity.

This herb has continued to be used in the ayurvedic medicines for centuries for treating eye problems and keep a person in good health. Tulsi also assists in weight loss by boosting metabolism. If anyone is suffering from fever, you can administer Tulsi drops to the person for curing faster because Tulsi is much used for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Mix 3 to 4 drops of this Tulsi drops with water two to three times every day and consume it. Alternatively, you can also infuse Tulsi drops with your morning and evening tea or health drink if you want. The pack contains two tubes, each of which has 20ml quantity.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 2 packs of 20ml each
  • Recommended dosage is 3 to 4 drops, twice to thrice daily.
  • Offers pure Tulsi drops that is safe for consumption


  • Product quantity is more
  • Tulsi drops offers beauty benefits
  • Pricing is very affordable
  • Assists weight loss by boosting metabolism


  • The taste is a bit strong

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05. Sri Sri Tattva Organic Tulasi Arka

Sri Sri Tattva Organic Tulasi Arka

If you want the ultimate value for your money, then this is the best Tulsi drops brand to go for. It contains 3 bottles of product in the package, each of which has 30 ml. As it is an ayurvedic product with powerful healing properties, it is safe for consumption by all.

This product contains extracts from organic Tulsi plant. Unlike other products, it does not have a blend of several types of Tulsi. However, for the price, this offers complete value for money with decent effectiveness.

People with asthma and bronchitis should definitely try this Tulsi drop. You can also give it to people who have fever as Tulsi is a medicinal herb that is known for curing fever faster. In the case of insect bites, you can use Tulsi drops topically to reduce inflammation.

Sore throat is one of the most common problems that arise during seasonal changes. Consuming Tulsi drops can relieve the soreness in your throat. Tulsi also has adaptogenic properties that can help manage stress levels and relieve people from anxiety.

It comes in a pack of three, each of which contains 30ml Tulsi drops. To consume, mix 10 to 15 drops in water twice a day. As it contains a larger quantity, you can use it for a long time.

Key Points: 

  • Contains 3 packs of 30ml each
  • Offers extracts of a single type of Tulsi plant
  • The recommended dosage is 10 to 15 drops twice a day


  • Potent antiallergic agent
  • Comes in larger quantity
  • Value for money product
  • Helps in maintaining overall good health


  • Offers only one type of Tulsi extract

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Buying Guide on The Best Tulsi Drop Brands in India:

Tulsi does not only cleanses your body from toxins but also is the answer to common fever, cold and cough. You can also use Tulsi topically on your skin in case of an insect bite or on pimples. Ayurveda has revered Tulsi as one of the most beneficial plants.

Tulsi also has antiaging properties, which is why it is used in beauty products. To buy the best Tulsi drops, you might want to consider a few factors before the purchase. We have prepared a compact buying guide to assist you in making up your mind regarding the brand of Tulsi drops you want to buy:


The daily dose of Tulsi drops is only a few drops, and so, it comes in small packaging. However, you need to be mindful of the exact quantity you are getting in a pack so that it does not run out, causing you to miss out on your daily dose.

Tulsi is a powerful immunity booster and antioxidant. These are things that are essential in today’s time. Hence, take note of the quantity of the product while purchasing. If required, purchase a couple of packs more, so that you have an extra bottle of Tulsi drop at hand when one finishes. Tulsi drops are generally very affordable, so buying a few extra will not hurt your pocket.


Brands that offer organic Tulsi leaf extracts are better. Also, look for brands that offer a blend of various types of Tulsi like Shyama Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, Vana Tulsi, etc. The different types of Tulsi have different medicinal value. And when you get all in one blend, it contributes more to your overall wellbeing.

Brand value

The reason why we wrote this article is to make you aware of the best Tulsi drops brand. Many brands sell fake products, and you must steer clear of those. Rely only on trusted brands like Dabur or Healthvit while buying your Tulsi drops. We have listed five of the most trusted brands above.


Tulsi drops are very affordable. Most good brands will not cost more than a few hundred rupees. But, while buying Tulsi drops, take into consideration the quantity you are getting along with its cost-factor to ascertain its value for money. If a product that costs higher contains more quantity, it is equally good as a product that costs lower but has less quantity. Hence, don’t shun a product if it costs more, do look at the quantity before making up your mind.

FAQs about the Best Tulsi Drops Brand in India

What are the benefits of Tulsi drops? 

Tulsi plant extracts have been used in Ayurveda for centuries for its medicinal benefits. Some of the uses of Tulsi are:

  • Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Tulsi can cure fever, sore throat, hiccups, and the common cold
  • Tulsi is beneficial for people having respiratory problems.
  • Tulsi is good for skin
  • Tulsi can reduce the stress level.

Which is the best Tulsi drop brand? 

Among the many brands available, these are the best brands for Tulsi drops:

  • Dabur
  • Emeveta
  • Healthvit
  • IMC Shri Tulsi

When should I take Tulsi drops? 

You can take Tulsi drops any time during the day. It is best to take with a warm beverage like tea in between the meals. The general recommended dosage of Tulsi drops is two to three times per day.

If you are an occasional user, then taking Tulsi drops to fight the common cold, sore throat, and cure fever can be of help.

Does Tulsi water assist weight loss?

Yes, Tulsi assists in weight loss. Taking Tulsi drops regularly will soar your metabolism and cleanse your intestines, which in turn will assist weight loss to a good degree.

Are there any side effects of Tulsi drops? 

If you purchase a good brand and consume it in the recommended amount, Tulsi drop does not have side effects. However, overdosing can be bad for your teeth because Tulsi is acidic in nature. Also, pregnant women should not consume it as it is not recommended for them.


Tulsi drops can be immensely beneficial as it has multifarious benefits. Till now, we have been talking about the brands that make the best Tulsi drops so that you can get the best product for yourself and your family members.

Among all the brands we have reviewed, we found Dabur to be the best Tulsi drop brand in India as it is very reputable and has a concentrated blend of five types of Tulsi. However, all the other products we have mentioned here are pretty decent as well.

Make sure to share your thoughts on this article. If you have any queries regarding Tulsi drops, don’t keep back from posting a comment below in the comment section.


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