Best Weighing Machines in India

best weighing machine in india

A lot of people these days are enrolled in gyms and other fitness centers to keep a check on their health. These fitness centers have made available a lot of machines which we usually don’t find at our home. One of which is weighing machines, but checking your weight at a public place like a gym can be uncomfortable for a lot of us.

Moreover, to get the most accurate weight, you should check it early morning on an empty stomach after freshening up. You can’t do so in your gym or at your doctor, for that you should have your weighing machine at home. Therefore, today we are here with the best weighing machines in India. To purchase the best weighing machine for yourself, you should consider the following points:

  • Maximum Capacity: The maximum amount of weight a machine can handle is an important factor that needs to be considered while buying a weighing machine. The machine you are buying should be able to measure your weight and everyone present in your family.
  • Digital or Analogue: Although most of us prefer to buy digital weighing machines these days, elderly people believe in buying traditionally used machines. You should decide which one you want to buy for yourself
  • Warranty: whenever you are buying an expensive electronic item, you would want it to last for a long time. To make sure that the machine you’re buying will last for a long time you should always look for its warranty.

To make you understand better about weighing machines and how to decide the best one for yourself, we have provided you with a BUYING GUIDE along with a FAQ section. To know more, make sure to follow this article until the end.

Weighing machinesWght CapacityMeasuring UnitBuy Now
HealthSense5kg to 180kgKilograms, Pounds Check The Price
Hoffen2.3kg to 180kgkilograms Check The Price
Dr. Trust0.05kg-180kgkilograms Check The Price
Omron100 grams to 180kgkilograms Check The Price
PowerMaxUp to 180kgkilograms Check The Price
AZOD100grams to 180kgkilograms Check The Price
Charge-kilograms Check The Price
HNESS0.1kg to 180kgkilograms Check The Price
Venus5kg to 180kgkilograms Check The Price
AGARO5kg to 150kgKilograms,pounds Check The Price

Best Weighing Machines in India

01. HealthSense Weighing Scale

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense is a good brand in the health and personal care category, selling its products since 2014. Ever Since its birth, they are striving through research and development that helps them to bring out the best in their products.

This weighing machine has been designed by engineers to provide an ultra-lightweight weighing machine. It has a grey ABS body, which is ergonomically designed with rounded corners that makes it safe to use.

It works with a step on technology, which facilitates instant activation as soon as you place your foot on the machine. The auto-calibrated platform will give you accurate readings as soon as you get on it. They have installed high precision G sensors in these machines to deliver accurate readings.

Since in India, the standard messing unit for weight is kg, this machine also measures your weight in kilograms. It can measure 5kg to 180kg of weight while you can also change it to pounds or stone with the help of a unit button.

You will find a large LCD on this machine, which will make it easier for you to check your reading. Not just that, you will also have a backlight with white fonts for legibility, and the reading will stay displayed for 10 seconds.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 5kg to 180kg
  • LCD
  • High precision G sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Skidproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • Measures weight in kilograms, pounds, and stones


  • Convenient to use
  • Measures in multiple measuring units
  • Safe to use


  • Cannot measure weight below 5kgs

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02. Hoffen Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 Weighing Scale

If you are looking to buy your weighing machine from a popular brand, then Hoffen is a good choice as it is highly reputed. Not only is it well-liked by the vast majority of people, but it is also very affordable for most of you.

Now keeping track of your weight has become easier at home due to this Hoffen digital electronic weighing scale. It has a high precision strain gauge sensor system that helps you get accurate results in a single reading.

If you buy this weighing scale, then you don’t have to worry about it being fragile or breaking easily as it has a strong bearing tempered glass. This glass is highly durable and hence can be used and stored conveniently.

This also has a digital display panel that displays not only your weight but temperature along with it. The visibility of the readings is very clear so that you don’t have to bend and strain your back to check the readings.

Another unique feature of this scale is that it has an automatic power-off feature, which automatically shuts the scale off after some time. This way, you don’t have to worry about battery drainage even if you don’t remember to switch it off.

You can measure as low as 2.3 kilograms to as high as 180 kilograms of weight on this weighing machine. A great feature of this product is that it gives you an indication on the display when its battery is running low. It also provides you with an overload indication if the weight is over the capacity of the machine.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 2.3kgto 180kg
  • LCD
  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Low battery indication
  • Overload indication
  • Auto power-off feature


  • Prevents battery drainage
  • Has a good measuring capacity
  • Quite affordable


  • No other units of measure given

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03. Dr. Trust Weight Machine

Dr. Trust (USA) Digital Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust is a USA based digital smart electronic weighing machine. They are driven by the passion for innovation and providing its customers with electronics that can be used to promote wellness and good health.

Unlike many other weighing machines, this machine does not need batteries to operate; instead, it is chargeable and hence very convenient. This machine can track 18 body compositions, including weight, BFR, BMI, muscle mass, moisture, bone mass, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, body fat, and more.

It uses 4 high precision strain gauge sensors that assure 2 digit accuracy and can measure as low as 0.05kg weight. Not just that, it also has a digital single rigid tempered glass bearing designed for health-conscious people.

A feature offered by this machine which most machines do not have is that it can sync every information with an app that you can install from Google store or apple store. And in that app, it can save 18 composition metrics of 8 uses, which makes it perfect to be used by the whole family.

The design of this machine is ultra-sleek and handy; it weighs only 1.36kg and can be lifted by anyone easily. This amazing device can also measure the room temperature in degree celsius, which is immediately visible as soon as you step on the scale.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 0.05kg to 180kg
  • LCD
  • Measures room temperature
  • Rechargeable and convenient
  • Ultra sleek, portable, and handy
  • Syncs everything with the app
  • 4 high precision strain gauge sensors


  • Measure 18 essential body compositions
  • Can connect with an app and save information
  • Can measure very low weight
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Falls a little on the expensive side

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04. Omron Weight Scale

Omron HN 286 Ultra Weight Scale

Omron is a well known electronic brand for healthcare and wellness. It is a leading manufacturer and distributor of healthcare appliances for both profession and personal use. This brand has already sold over 100 million monitors worldwide and offers a wide range of medical devices.

If you are someone who is weight conscious and even a few grams of weight means a lot to you, then you can keep track of your weight by using the Omron weighing machine. It has 4 sensor accuracy technology, which can measure your weight with at most accuracy.

Many people often fear getting up on a weighing machine or feel like holding something to get on a weighing scale. This is because they fear slipping off the scale, but this weighing machine can prevent such mishappening with its anti-slip tempered glass.

Omron used Japanese technology for this weighing machine that can measure up to 180 kilograms of weight. This device is the ultra-slim design and has a width of only 18mm; it is super light and can be carried to any room comfortably.

Another great feature about this scale is that it has an automatic ON/OFF function, which means you don’t need to bend down to switch it on or off. You just have to step on the scale, and it will automatically turn on, and as soon as you get down, it will turn off in just 16 seconds.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 100 grams to 180kg
  • 3 V Lithium battery
  • Ultra-slim design- 18mm
  • Anti-slip tempered glass
  • 4 sensor accuracy technology
  • 1-year warranty


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Automatic ON/OFF technology


  • Fewer features offered as compared to other brands

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05. PowerMax Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

PowerMax Fitness Weight Scale

As the name suggests, PowerMax fitness is a great brand for health-conscious people or are involved in health and fitness. This brand provides you a lot of features that other brands don’t. It is a reliable brand and manufactures its products by using high-quality inputs.

With these measuring scales, you can measure not only your weight but 13 key body compositions. Some of these include BMI, weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, BMR, metabolic age, bone mass, body water, and protein.

For convenience, you can also connect your weighing scale via Bluetooth and sync with other fitness apps like Google fit, FitBit app, apple health app, and various other applications. Through these mobile applications, you can easily save your body measurements data on your cell phone.

It has a clear crisp LED display, so even if your eyesight is a little weak, you can easily check your readings. The material used in manufacturing this device is ABS plastic, along with high-quality fiberglass that is highly durable and can be stored easily.

This scale is powered with a battery and uses 3 AAA batteries for operation; you will get free batteries along with the weighing machine. Like many others, this machine also has an automatic ON/OFF feature, which prevents the drainage of the battery if you forget to switch it off.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: up to 180kg
  • LED display
  • Measures 13 body compositions
  • Gauge sensor system
  • Low battery indication
  • Step power on feature
  • Connects of apps via Bluetooth


  • Specially designed for fitness enthusiasts
  • Records data through mobile applications
  • High-quality input
  • Originated in India


  • Warranty not mentioned

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06. AZOD Weight Weighing Scales

AZOD Heavy Thick Tempered Glass Weighing Scales

If you are on a budget and want to experience the convenience of having a digital weighing machine at home, then AZOD is a good option for you. This brand has a 1731 rank amongst the best sellers rank for health and personal care.

This weighing scale has an LCD that shows battery and temperature on the screen along with your weight in kilograms. It is made up of heavy toughened glass that is quite durable and is not easily breakable.

In case you put more weight on the machine than its maximum capacity, then it will show you an overload indication, as it measures a maximum weight of 180 kilograms. The battery of this weighing scale lasts for a long time as it saves battery with an automatic shut off feature.

It has a high precision sensor that provides quick readings with 100% accuracy. It is specially made for people who want to keep a check on their weight so that they can maintain a healthy weight range.

You will get this weighing machine in black and white color, which is quite elegant and is suitable for most people. As mentioned, it has an automatic ON/OFF feature, and it switches on as soon as you step on the scale to measure your weight.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 100grams to 180kg
  • LCD
  • High precision sensor
  • Measures weight in kilograms
  • Battery and temperature indication
  • Automatic On-Off functionality


  • Convenient to use
  • Provides accurate results
  • Ultra-slim and compact design


  • Does not offer many features

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07. Charge Weighing Scale

Charge Zero 6-in-1 Automatic Body Composition Scale

Charge Zero, as the name suggests, is a battery-free weighing scale that is fully automatic bathroom scale. This brand is designed in Germany and supported across India. It is a very reliable smart digital weighing scale and has a warranty of 6 months.

This brand uses a unique piezoelectric technology, which prevents the need for any battery or charging. They guarantee precise bodyweight measurements with the tolerance of +/- 0.5% and give you the most accurate weight on the scale.

With your weight, it also measures 5 other essential body metrics, which are body fat, body water, bone mass, muscle mass, and BMI. You don’t even need to worry about remembering your data as it can store data of 4 profiles.

This device comes with a 5mm thick tempered glass that has curved edges and an anti-skid finishing that ensures safety, especially for elderly people. It also has a large LCD, which ensures clear reading of all your body measurements.

Since this device does not use any charging or batteries to operate, it works by pressing the zero button given in the middle. All you need to do is press that button 4-5 times to power up the weighing scale. The more you push, the longer it will remain powered up, and then you can fill in your data such as gender, height, and so on.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: not given
  • Measures 6 body compositions
  • World’s #1 battery free scale
  • Uses piezoelectric technology
  • Large LCD
  • 6 months warranty


  • Do not require any battery or charging
  • Gives accurate readings
  • Designed in Germany


  • Weighing capacity not given

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08. HNESS Electronic Weight scale

HNESS Electronic Weight Machine

This is yet another highly affordable brand that most of us can afford and have the convenience of having a weighing machine at home. It has a beautiful design and offers many amazing features at a very low price.

You will find four high precision weight sensors in this machine that provide accurate measurements. It can measure weight as low as 0.1 kilograms to as high as 180 kilograms.

This weighing scale has a bright LCD that lights up automatically as soon as you place a foot on the machine. The display is so bright that you can easily check your readings even in a dark place when lights are not switched on.

Another great feature of this product is that it is super easy to use and gives you immediate readings as soon as you get on the scale. Like many other machines, it also has an automatic ON/OFF feature that saves battery, and it locks your weight results after stabilization.

HNESS has built this device with an 8mm thick clear tempered glass platform that can assure safety while using. Not just that, it also has four anti-skid paddings to keep the platform stable while taking measurements.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 0.1kg to 180kg
  • LCD
  • Anti-skid padding
  • Tempered glass
  • Bright display


  • Easy to use
  • Quite affordable
  • Auto On/Off feature


  • Can only measure weight in kilograms

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09. Venus Weighing Machine

Venus EPS-2001 Electronic Digital LCD Body Fitness Weighing Machine

Venus is a highly trustable brand, and it has a wide range of products that you can buy for your everyday use. They emphasize the quality of their products and hold a good rank in the best-seller brands for health and personal care.

Like many other good brands, they also use a high precision strain gauge sensor system with a 6mm tempered glass. This glass is high quality and tough, which will not break easily. It can be stored with ease without having to worry about any damage.

In case you overload the machine, it will show you an overload indication on its screen as well as a low battery indication in case the battery is about to run out. You can use a lithium battery in this device for operation.

It has a large LCD display that makes it easier for most of you to check your weight without having to put a strain on your eyes. Not just that, it also has a beautiful design on its glass, which is available in purple color.

This weighing scale has a glass of side 280 x 280 mm, which is quite compact yet very comfortable for all foot sizes. Another feature about it is it can measure weight as low as 5 kilograms to as high as 180 kilograms.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 5kg to 180kg
  • LCD display
  • High precision G sensor
  • Lithium batteries
  • Beautiful design
  • 6mm tempered glass


  • Convenient to use
  • Reputed company
  • Decent build quality


  • Cannot measure weight below 5kgs

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10. AGARO Weighing Scale

AGARO WS 503W Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

Arago is a brilliant brand that focuses on research and development by international experts to create its products. It stands on 193 ranks in the best-seller brands for health and personal care, which is quite impressive.

Unlike conventional weighing machines, you do not have to bend down to switch it on; it will automatically turn on as soon as you step on it. It has 4 high precision sensors that provide accurate measurement for up to 180 kilograms.

This scale is ultra-slim and has a thickness of only 29 mm that can be easily stored in any shelf without consuming much space. The scale can measure weight as low as 5 kilograms and can bear a maximum load of 150 kilograms.

With this device, you can measure your weight in many units, which include kilograms, stone, and pound. This feature is not present in many other brands and offers convenience according to your comfort.

You don’t need to worry about slipping off the scales as the top cover is made up of non-slip plastic that provides safety for the user. You can easily operate this machine by using 3-volt lithium batteries.

Key Points:

  • Weighing capacity: 5kg to 150kg
  • LCD
  • High precision G sensor
  • Skidproof
  • Measures weight in kilograms, pounds, and stones


  • Quite affordable
  • Automatic ON/OFF feature
  • Reliable company


  • Low maximum capacity as compared to others

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Buying Guide

To live a healthy life, it is important to keep a check on your weight regularly. If you are someone who is trying to lose weight and starting to make healthy changes in your life, you need to measure your progress. To do so, you should check your weight once every week in the morning on an empty stomach after freshening up.

That will be the most accurate weight of yours. However, to have this convenience, you should have a weighing machine at home, and to make you decide the best weighing machine, we have provided you with a detailed buying guide. So make sure to go through all the points and follow it until the end.

Minimum and Maximum Capacity

Knowing how much your weighing machine can measure is an important feature that you should consider. If you are a heavy person or if you have someone heavy at your home, then you should make sure that your weighing scale can measure everybody’s weight easily.

If you want to buy a weighing scale for your clinic, then also you can expect to have some overweight patients, and for that, you should have a machine that can tolerate heavyweight. Some of these machines can bear a load of 180kg, while some can only weigh up to 160kg.

Additional Features

These days weighing machines are not only used to measure weight, but they also offer some additional features. Measuring other essential body compositions like BMI, BMR, body mass index, and some others are also important to keep a check on your health.

These measurements matter a lot to people who are into the health and fitness industry to know how much muscle mass they have or if they are lean enough for a competition. Some of these brands have additional features like BMI, skeletal mass, etc. while others are conventional measuring machines.

Measuring Units

If you are an Indian, then you will understand your weight most comfortably in kilograms, which is the standard measuring unit in our country. However, some people might be curious to know their weight in other units like pounds or stones.

Moreover, if you are an international citizen living in a different country for work or some other reasons, then you will be more comfortable knowing your weight in some other units. Some of these machines offer this feature of measuring your weight in many different units like kilograms, pounds, and stones.


A weighing scale is something you have to buy once, and it will last for a long period of time and can be reusable as many times as you want. To make sure that your machine lasts for a decent time, you should always check for the warranty provided by the company.

This warranty will guarantee that the machine you are buying will sustain at least as much time as mentioned on the warranty card. This warranty card will also make sure that if you experience any problems before the warranty period is over, then it will be fixed or replaced free of cost.


How often a weighing machine should be used?

A weighing machine should be used only once a week and not more than that. When we check weight very often, you can get frustrated by your results as the everyday weight can fluctuate due to the food we eat and the water weight of the body.

What is the importance of having a weighing machine at home?

The first most important feature of having a weighing machine at home is the convenience it offers; you do not have to go somewhere to check your weight. Moreover, if you have a weighing machine at home, then you can have a better record of your weight.

What type of weighing machine should I use?

There are different types of weighing machines available such as analog, digital, and advance. Most people use digital weighing machines these days, as it is easier to check your weight through them. If you want to know more specifications about your body, such as BMI, then use an advanced digital weighing scale.


Having a weighing machine at home has become a necessity in this era of health and fitness. You should always keep a check on your weight to lead a healthy life and to make sure your weight doesn’t spiral out of control.

When you start a diet plan or a workout regime, then also you need to keep track of your progress to know if you are on the right path. To make you decide the perfect weighing machine for yourself, we have provided you with a detailed buying guide along with a FAQ section.

Out of the various options in this article, Dr. Trust’s digital smart electronic rechargeable machine is a great option as it provides many different features and can measure 18 essential body components.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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